Norway’s Hessdalen Valley: Where UFO Mania Meets

Norwegian ufo

Hessdalen is a village and a long valley in Norway. It isn’t just a pristine community, but it is also known for its occasional occurrences of luminous phenomena known as the Hessdalen Phenomenon, which are the strange, hovering and flashing series of lights. The glowing orbs appear to be as large as cars, that’s why they have drawn attention from most ufologists. They are moving very slowly and was seen separating, but reforming later on. They also winked in and out. In most cases, they shoot down the valley and disappear. In the human eye’s point of view, you may see them, but will vanish later on.

The Extreme Flashing

When the strange light appeared in 1980s, it attracted to physicists. In December 1981, the hovering lights shone brighter. Residents took the notice, and the press descended as well. The occurrence of strange balls of light soaring over a valley in central Norway has mystified scientists and spectators across Europe for years. Ivar Kvaal, the Norwegian photographer, tells TIME that he has also met oddball fanatic. The case has been divided. But most villagers are honest and sane.

The Debatable Statements

However, scientists think that the unusual lights could be a natural ‘battery’ that was deeply buried underground, created by metallic minerals. As reacted with a sulfurous river that run through it. These occurrences have paved the way for theories to flourish. In the atmosphere, the light came from the ionized gasses in ball lightning, decaying radon or the atmosphere. It was the earth acting like a giant battery. While others believe these are aliens, there are those that believed it is a result from tapped clean energy. But where does this charge to energize plasma originated? It may be extraterrestrial.

The science was certainly not definitive, but the facts so far are incredibly intriguing.

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  1. i believe it may be a portal. the earth has many. this life we know is not what it appears to be. it’s not just this dimension.

    • Janet’s got it right! Portals, “hot spots” plasmas, magnetic fluctuations……..if there are the :solids” out there (and I think there are) they SHARE the atmosphere with the etheric manifestations

      • one of the ufo’s i saw was a white plasma ball. it hung in the air for a few minutes, then slowly moved through the trees and as it was doing this it disappeared. i had five people with me, and only i saw it. no i was not drunk or high on drugs. the other three ufo’s i saw were crafts. i know there is life beyond us. it’s become very clear to me.

  2. i ticked real….but a real what..!! i’m not so sure, weather it’s some earthly manifestation, who knows for now…..

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