NEW! Ancient Aliens: The Alien Agenda S07E17

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Ancient Aliens – The Alien Agenda
History Channel, Season 7 Episode 17
1st May 2015

Many of humanity’s most significant turning points have bore witness to unexplainable events. Is this merely coincidence, or could it be evidence that the course of human history is being manipulated by an alien agenda? Ancient Astronaut theorists have long proposed that extraterrestrials played a pivotal role in our past, and some believe they continue to keep a careful watch over the progress of mankind. Even high-level government officials have made claims that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet with an interest in our technological advancements, including former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, who stated that that the cosmos are teaming with life. Could the UFO phenomenon be real? Have extraterrestrials been monitoring human progress for thousands of years–at times helping us to advance, and at other times holding us back?


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  1. These documentaries are entertaining and might even be assuming what may turn out to be the truth, The series is easy to watch and thought provoking but there is one thing that really annoys me… shout at my nit picking if you wish, it’s probably hte remnant of my school day’s insistence on the use of correct phrasing. The annoyance stems from the use of the phrase – ‘Ancient Astronaut Theorists’. In that format, it means that all the Theorists who study Astronauts… are ancient, which I am sure they are not. Georgio certainly isn’t ancient and his hair is so far into the future, he could be an alien. Hope you’ve all got a SOH.
    Love the documentaries but cringe when I hear the phrase.

  2. Al;l of a sudden, I cannot view the The Alien Agenda S07E17. A blank space appears and in the center are the words: A plugin is needed to display this content. What is this talking about?

  3. after much study on the subjects of archeology, the bible, the common threads of all religions, and the evidence that a sophisticated and educated humanity did exist 20,000 or so years ago, I think this episode has exposed a possible truth……that if humans work together and are able to communicate freely with each other on common causes, we are able to do tremendous things. It is also evident that if humanity is divided and combative we lose focus on common goals and possible achievements. It almost seems as if our human trait of war and distrust is something that has been introduced so that we do not advance too quickly or that we are not yet able to handle advancements that are too powerful and possibly destructive and therefor those roadblocks are put in our path. Excellent series, thank you for posting.

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