UFO Sightings Hovering the Sky of Cordoba and Bahia Bianca, Argentina

Cordoba UFO OVNI

There’s something mysterious in the sky. Last Sunday and Monday, two men recorded another strange unidentified flying objects hovering at night. The videos have already been downloaded to YouTube, and had gone viral because people used to seek the truth about UFOs to bring a glimpse of the greater reality and lead to a better understanding of our existence.

With just about 24 hours interval between them, these men are the residents from the cities Bahía Blanca and Córdoba, with a distance of over 800 kilometres. As they both aimed at their cameras at the evening sky, strange luminous objects appeared and have been moving in an atypical manner.

Taken by Jorge David Lazarte exactly at the core of Puerredón district, the first video reveals a series of luminous object that splits into three strange spheres, subsequently fading in seconds of what’s believed to be an explosion. The second video which was taken by Alejandro Suárez from Bahía Blanca last Monday during late afternoon-evening, is a brilliant object hovering in the sky of the major city in Buenos Aires.

According to Luis Burgos, the famous UFO researcher, the object appears to have a typical UFO movement. This statement was made at the La Brujula 24 website.

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