Newspaper Delivery Man Believes He Recorded Something Extraterrestrial

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Newspaper delivery man in Sarasota, Florida claims he saw strange lights emanating from a cemetery. He believes it belonged to a figure resembling a bald man standing on a porch in an apparent light. There are no buildings and structures in that cemetery.

The incident happened around 2:17 am on June 8. After initially seeing what he thought to be something alien, he attempted to record the sighting. First, he recorded his cellphone screen to note the time.

The witness also recorded a shot on his GPS screen to verify his location at that time.

He delivered first a newspaper (tossing it into the dark) and came back to the area where he saw a strange tree that looked reflective.

The video shows the car turns around and stops on the side of the road. The driver shows something like a bald person standing on a porch in some kind of light in the cemetery. The light just goes out, and the car drives away.

The witness posted a case report on MUFON’s website. He says that he saw a pale, bald man staring back at him from what appeared a small-sized porch or screened lanai with a light. He adds that when he played back the video with enhanced audio gain, he noticed “EVP’s, ranging from soft whispers to loud vocalizations, which are differentiated from his speaking voice.”

The observer claims in the MUFON report that he heard a whispering noise when he started to drive away. When he reviewed the video, there were brief clicking or clanging noises on the audio, which he did not hear while recording. The sounds lasted from 2:16 am to 2:20 am.

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  1. The fact this fella checked his time and satnav location with his camera before he started driving means he was expecting to see something. Why would a paper delivery be messing with a camera at that time of morning. Then to cap it all, the images he shot were pretty crap and very shakey before he drove of for another while before doing the time and satnav thing again.. There is no realistic context for the man getting this film unless it was all a staged encounter.

    • you didn’t see that specific sentence in the story? “after initially seeing what he thought to be alien, ” ” ” ” .” it’s important to read the stories first.

  2. You didn’t really need a tripod to steady the camera, you could have braced it against something, like the dashboard, or the window, or even the passenger head rest, anything to steady it.

  3. you better believe that was really strange. but you could have propped your arm onto the car seat and not moved it, even if you were shaking with fear or excitement. my husband was a paper delivery man for 17 years, so i know lots of strange things can be seen in the wee hours of the night. that was very strange. i’m hesitant to say it looked like an alien!!! there’s no way i am confirming this at all! we didn’t see a reflective tree, just that glowing light. go back again and tell us some more stuff if it happens!!

    • My god woman, get a life !, even better a Job !, stop being so damn critical of people and things on here. Go and write for the local W.I instead.

      • wtf are you blabbering about me now? what are you picking on me for? where do you see criticism? why would you tell me to get a better job? do you know what i do now? what has this got to do with anything? my god i sure do get attacked on this site from people. i’ve come to believe that it’s threatening to certain types of people when it shows that a woman has more intelligence and foresight than a man.

  4. What a load of CRAP!!!! iv’e just been on google street view and it’s buildings in the memorial park!!…seriously what an idiot.

    • don’t worry about them love, just carry on writing your opinion on what you see, if these people cant take constructive criticism, then this is not the site for them. Personally, all I saw were what could of been lights placed there by Human hand, for what purpose, who knows. Certainly nothing Alien connected.

  5. google “Palms Memorial Park Gardens, Sarasota, FL 34232” and just check how many buildings there are in the cemetry right where he is pointing the camera….lol, even try street view from his location… 27.335659, -82.463932

  6. If you see a UFO while driving in your car, for God’s sake stop and get out. If you don’t, people are going to say it’s a reflection on the glass. Had I been this person, I certainly would have gotten out to get a better view. He could have used the cell phone camera. I’ve witnessed UFOs myself, and I’m not a skeptic, but this video is pretty iffy to me.

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