Loch Ness Sighting: Mystery Craft Hovering Above Scottish Tourist Spot

Loch Ness UFO

Unidentified Flying Object sightings keep on coming amidst debates and arguments over its nature and existence. While there are believers, there are also thousands of non-believers. Therefore, all sightings receive extreme comments.

Recently, a family on a vacation has admitted seeing two strange disc-shaped objects hovering in their camera over Loch Ness in Scotland. The photo was taken by Tatiana, right after Alan and Anna returned in York to snap some pictures in the holiday. Without a doubt, Betts couple was astonished when they see two strange objects. Alan, a director of a Bradford-based refrigeration company, said he was cynical about UFOs. When he asked about the spooky photo, he couldn’t offer any logical explanation. He further added that during that night, Yuka, the name of their dog, was looking at the window and barking at the sky. They noticed some unusual occurrences during that time.

Tatiana was compelled to take a photo because of the change in the appearance of the sky. At first, the sky has a constant sunshine and appears normal. Hours after, it suddenly changed. The changes were not that noticeable to residents unless you have the nerve to look at the window. Take note that it wasn’t the first time a strange object has spotted above the loch. An unexplained object in 2011 was seen fleeing hundreds of feet over waterline by witnesses.

Regardless of what people believed in the past, sightings are regular occurrences. With the advancement of technology, more UFO sightings are being captured. Such technology like recording devices is being authenticated by experts from a variety of fields. Alien spacecraft sightings caught hovering above the Scottish tourist spot could not be seen without it. Whatever beliefs may be, it is only a matter of time before unquestionable evidence of unidentified flying objects is being collected.

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  1. Considering photo was clearly taken behind a window, I’d consider this being a reflection of a lamp (double glass makes it look double) behind the photographer. Especially because she only saw it on the photo and not in real. Come on you guys, I always enjoyed this site because it was a bit more critical than e.g. ufosightingsdaily

  2. If you think that is just a reflection from photo being taken from inside, then why can’t we see reflections of anything else? You would be able to see other things from inside also reflected in the window. Whether you want to believe it or not, UFO’s exist.

  3. @George, don’t worry: I know UFO’s are real/fact and proven a gazillion times, we’re on the same level here 🙂 But in every specific case I want to stay skeptical and sober, consider every possible option before labeling it a UFO/alien. Is it a genuine object or not?… Considering your question: this might be the only thing reflecting in a double glass because it might be the only really bright thing in a dark room… I admit, the more I look at it, the more bizarre the shape seems… But I’m just saying it’s likely to be a lamp in the room, it can be a ufo, I hope it’s a ufo 😉
    But i’ve seen more mistakes like this for example: https://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net//2014/10/australia-huge-flying-saucer-storm-13-oct-2014.html The darker it gets in the room behind the glass, the more likely you’ll see reflections

  4. Looks like gold 🙂 but not reflection of the Sun, maybe from the window. Anyway, it looks cool. I saw my first space craft, from somewhere else in 73 .Have had 5-6 sightings of very strange character since. My niece&mother have seen several & even took a few seconds video with her cell phone, of a strange “object”pretty close to her bedroom window, but the quality is lousy though…My Us friend took a video 6 years ago, just here over the Samet Island(Thailand)Strange object too. The Us military, maybe other militaries/armies, have created flying ‘things’ since shortly after 1947. So todays ‘models’ hmmmm. one never know, unless the speed is out of this world, like what I saw in 73. 99% sure that Earth people didn’t make that ship, and still don’t make them ET- fast 😀

  5. Why is it so damn hard for people to accept that we are NOT alone ?? Admittedly , many sightings can be explained by rational means , but the fact remains that we are NOT alone in the universe . l myself over the years (l am 60 yo ) have seen strange aerial vehicles that could not be explained , so wake up people & STOP being so damn cynical !!! STEWY! : )

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