Witness says UFOs Glide over the House

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If you are not into UFOs, you will be one of those non-believers who commonly give critics to every strange object sighting seen by the witnesses. Once reported, it becomes 90% perfectly identifiable object to those who can easily identify between man-made and natural phenomena. However, the remaining 10% are objects that are unidentifiable.

At Murrells Inlet, a South Carolina witness reported seeing three mysterious black triangle objects gliding silently heading to Myrtle Beach. The event occurs about 9 in the evening in January. 20, 2015 when the witness ran an errand. The witness claimed that it was a calm and clear night. In fact, the stars were out, but quite dark. At first, there were three forms of lights approaching slowly. As they become weak, they become completely silent. The witness wondered if the odd triangular-shaped object was a form of military exercise but left doubt since there were no strobe lights and no engine noise of the wings. Unidentified flying objects vary in sizes, shapes and other characteristics that have recorded for thousands of years.

One of the strangest scenarios that happened during the appearance is the unusually quiet neighbourhood – no vehicle noise, barking dogs or any movement. As if everything was standing still and surreal. The strange sightings are not clear until they passed directly over the witness’ front yard – three identical black triangular shapes flying object hovering in an offset pattern.

The witness described the object as a round, oversized, stationary red light (basketball’s size), a small green light on the wing tip and white light on the left side. The white and green lights blinked alternately on and off in a steady pattern. As the strange sighting glided overhead, the witness snapped photos. Unfortunately, no images were caught as if the camera has blackened out. Can be this be explained as something man-made or natural?


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