Aliens & Demons


The popular media tells us Gray Aliens are extraterrestrials from outer space but deeper research suggests they are actually demonic manifestations from parallel dimensions. Tales of demonic abduction and deception reach far back to antiquity. Get the rest of the story how Aleister Crowley and his disciples conjured ET demons into our modern world at the end of the 20th century!

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  1. 25 yrs. of ‘study’ of this subject leads me to believe this video
    is essentially accurate. The average earthling has NO IDEA of what
    is happening while he pursues his everyday, shallow life style
    little more than an animal, would! Look at the abominations within
    the last 20 yrs., alone.

  2. What makes them demonic? Christian Bible aside,these creatures are unknown and different, and may mean us harm, but that doesn’t make them demons in the
    christian sense of the word.Mind you I wouldn’t trust them with a cabbage!

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