300 Million Year Old Metal Found In Russia: Natural Forces or Extraterrestrial?

ancient alien metal

A man in Russia has discovered a 300 million-year-old piece of aluminum machinery in Vladivostok. Fascinated by his discovery, the responsible citizen sought help from the scientists. Could it be an evidence of an intelligent species or ancient space ship? Experts suggest that the object was not of earthly origin but was manufactured by someone.

The Details

When they broke the toothed metal rail, it turned out that the object was unusually soft and light, less than seven cm long, composed of 98% aluminum and 2% magnesium. The most striking discovery found by the scientists is the pure aluminum, which was believed to be rare. Experts found the answer to the questions when it became apparent that the object was from aluminum-magnesium alloy. The experts explained that pure aluminum is prone to oxidization contributing to a special layer protecting from further corrosion. As a consequence, its aluminum percentage can withstand high pressure, heat and extreme natural conditions.

Another question that strikes scientists is whether or not natural forces make an aluminum alloy. From the study of meteorites, it is known that extra-terrestrial aluminum-26 and the presence of 2% of magnesium might point out to the alien origin. Nonetheless, testing is required to verify this hypothesis. The last property that puzzled the experts was its shape, a reminiscent of tooth-wheel. Therefore, it is not possible that an object could have a regular shaped tooth-wheel with six natural identical ‘teeth’. About the size of the teeth, the intervals between the ‘teeth’ are large which means that it was a complicated mechanism.

The Verdict

Today, ‘spare parts’ are used in the creation of mechanical appliances, like the microscopes. As a consequence, it leads to another question: If the regular-shaped ‘Wheel’ were created by humans million years later, how can a metal tooth-wheel be 300 million years old? It is possible to believe that the Earth was inhabited millions of years ago before coming into existence. There could be advanced civilizations in a very remote past.

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  1. Unfortunately, it is not specified, how they could determine the age of the finding. I will try and search some Russian sources in order to find some additional information.

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