Triangle – Shaped Fleet Object Spotted Over Rockland


Do aliens genuinely exist? If so, why is it that there is no bodily evidence? Are there any odds that other planets are harboring life? For centuries, mankind has been asking questions about additional terrestrial beings. At first, sightings ended up attributed to deities or angels and far more not too long ago as aliens. It is not until the advent of present day technology and flight that we have started to label celestial apparitions as UFOs.

In Rockland, Main, a witness reported seeing three glowing triangular orbs that happen to be an alien ship that travel together. Tyler Pendleton took the video around nine p.m. on June 14 at his home in Rockland. Since the three lights in the sky draw his attention, he decided to take a video of it. At first, he believes it was an airplane flying, but he didn’t hear any sound that would support his thinking. According to his description, the speed of each orb is perfectly matched, and none of them is seen leaving the formation. In most cases, the balls are seen with formation because it would be safer for them if they travel in groups. But why are they glowing? Their forward motion makes their shrouded vessels noticeable. One thing is apparent; there is no city that is off-limits to aliens because famous cities like New York are also their tourist attractions. They may walk among the crowds, and you won’t even notice how they look.

Unidentified Flying Objects have become a pretty big part of our culture, specifically the Natural Phenomena that have increased lately.  If you have visited forums relating to extraterrestrials, you have probably heard about how these lights are growing more frequent in appearance. Some people may well wonder why we have no physical evidence whatsoever. There are numerous causes of this simple fact, but essentially, they are way a lot more state-of-the-art than us, and they do not desire to expose themselves.

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  1. IF they desire not to reveal themselves then why light themselves up? If they are more advanced than us then surely they have Stealth technology? The author of this piece makes an awful lot of assumptions about what is depicted on the video.

  2. Might the fact that they’re visible not indicate that they are communicating with us?

    If so, what might the message be?

    A world mined with nuclear weapons. Might their presence have something to do with that?

  3. if they are orbs how are they triangular? anyways that looked very interesting. why didn’t you continue the video for as long as possible? 19 seconds? cmon.

  4. No bodily evidence? Toss all photos & videos taken, ever, & look at cave drawings, UFO’s in paintings for centuries, and curious critters at ancient centers with technology in structures. Then take an unbiased view of incredible geometric designs in “crop circles” …..2 men with a board & rope ?? The evidence is overwhelming in that we are not alone, right here on Earth, let alone in the universe. ET’s have no reason to make contact with humans, as we are little more than hairless apes, with absolutely nothing to offer in the way of info.

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