Fast UFOs and black helicopters over Worthing, UK 29-Jun-2015

black helicopterCheck out this amazing video of a two fast unidentified flying objects in the sky above Worthing in UK. This was taken on 29th June 2015.

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Witness report: 2 UFO’s I lightened the movie in Imovie. I have the original if you request it, it’s just easier for you to see, less fussing around. All I did was increase the exposure.
I spotted a UFO pretending to be a star, it was much brighter than the stars around it. I spotted this one in the South West , I was thinking at the time “My neighbours are going to see this! as they are outside looking up too! then as soon as I thought that, they went indoors and came back out again after the incident.
My neighbours were outside looking up into the sky and then abruptly went indoors. I have no idea why they went inside as soon as the UFO’s showed up. They were certainly very very visible, due to the light of the moon and no cloud cover.
I felt that it wasn’t a coincidence, they only seem to show up when no one else is around.
These 2 UFOs each miles apart in distance, travelled diagonally from SW – East. I filmed them for a while until they blinked out.
The next day I saw two black Helicopters.

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  1. at first i was wondering what you were filming. after all the dots started to move i realized that it was very interesting indeed! but helicopters the next day doesn’t mean anything. helicopters on the same night at the same time would have meant something.

  2. very interesting, it looks like a triangle at one pint. Love the way he is whispering in case ‘they’ hear him. Well done.

  3. 5 minutes of a LASER POINTER on a wall in total darkness. Video colors altered to grey from green. Come on people what are you smoking? I want some!

    • don’t be so quick to disregard because you don’t believe. it’s fine if you don’t believe but don’t tell people they are on drugs.

  4. I watched the video & looks somewhat what I saw or thought I saw outside when I had my dog outdoors before going to bed for the night about a week ago at 3 am in the morning. I saw a fast moving star like object moving very fast yet it was too far away for it to be a jet or plane. Thank you for sharing. suegavette in lower Michigan.

  5. Not too sure if that near the alignment of Venus and Jupiter?

    • no. on june 29th Venus and Jupiter were much closer than this. also the Venus- Jupiter alignment is very bright and very obvious and can be seen all over the world. it’s instantly recognizable.

  6. firstly, don’t let any of the trolls put you off posting, you’ll find there will be just as many, if not more people who’ll support and congratulate you for letting us see what you caught….well done, also i could of sworn i also saw three orbs as well a couple of times. keep at it.

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