Strange Huge Reddish Sphere Hovering Over Arkansas, California and South Africa


In the past month, a witness came to report about the strange sighting that described as a reddish sphere appeared in the skies over South Africa and US. Due to its unusual appearance, a lot of people think that it is a planet Nibiru. This type of planet was referred by the Sumerians as Planet X because it supposedly our 10th planet in the solar system.

Fremont, California Sighting (June 15, 2015)
At 8:16 pm, while the witness was driving home from work. As it crossed the Dumbarton bridge and at about 50mph, heading north on Paseo Padre, the witness got the urge to take a picture of the sunset. The spectator continued driving, rolled down the window and snapped few pictures with the phone. After then, the viewer had forgotten about it. On the next morning, upon reviewing the photos, solid, yellowish and half-circles are lens flares. But, the audience has never seen half circles as lens flares as always comes in solid shapes. Furthermore, the image moves in ways that do not correspond to lens flares.

South Africa Sighting (June 14, 2015)
A witness captured sphere images as seen in the time-lapse video circulated on the internet.

Arkansas Sighting (June 14, 2015)
As a resident of Arkansas, Vickie Acklin captured a series of images of twelve spheres. He reported seeing the strange image after the sun goes down and claimed that it was seen clearly and brightly with her naked eyes. The image was an intense and bright pink. Since it moved quickly, it went below the treeline minutes away and could no longer see it. The spectator used a good zoom lens and an excellent camera.

There is no sufficient proof of UFOs being a fact, but research is still going on. For believers, they hope to find beings other than humans in this galaxy.

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  1. im just about done with this site! 2 years ago we was getting good sightings and good input. now its complete rubbish i mean what the hell is that video? when was the last video that actually wowed me? and now you are actually repeating things from years ago and pretending they were last week! BYE

    • Yes! Exactly. I agree with what Charles is saying. I used to come here every day, now I can barely stand to visit weekly. It’s kind of sad, in a way…

  2. How can one pretend such stupidities (such as the sudden appearance of a planet !), except to discredit ufo subject ? Obviously, the red spot follows the sun displacement, and so is a reflection of the camera lens.

  3. Ridiculous reports, old sightings/stories, misleading titles, this site is making believers in the existence of Extraterrestrials look stupid, please we don’t mind if you forward us news once in a while as long as its not these types because I’m beginning to think you keep spamming our mail just to get us to come on the site so that you get more money from ads displayed, just like those UAPian e-scammers

  4. If you analize the secuence in the second 19 there is an UFO.
    I expanded ,inverted colors and bright an foundt annomalies in the sphere and a large long ship with 3 small spheres around it and energy jets. If you want my annalisis write to

  5. This is not lense flare. My friends and I have been watching it world wide for months now. I have actually gone back and found on any pictures taken before that time and spotted it in their picture. It’s not lense flare, is a planet.

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