Amazing flying saucer caught on tape over Dayton, Ohio 11-Jul-2015


Here’s one interesting daytime UFO sighting of a disc-shaped object in the sky above Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. This was taken on Saturday, 11th July 2015.

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah ahhahahahah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah hahahhahaha Stupid picture for stupid poeple haaaaaaahahahah hahahaha

    • pipo I would like for you to go out side and look for one and post it. that would b better than looking at what others are trying so hard to do who knows you may find one some time. lol biftime

  2. Let me tell you why this is fake. There’s no leaves on the trees. Trees in Dayton have leaves in July.
    Ridiculous. Stupid people with too much time on their hands and too little brains in their head.

  3. ya know, the more FAKE stuff we hafta look at, the less believable the REAL stuff is. Has anyone considered this?

  4. Not much in the way of leaves on the trees, for a July day? I suppose this was taken much earlier in the year. Interesting. The better the videos get, the more likely people will think they are fake.

  5. Should have been shot with close up or telescoping lens on the camcorder. I believe it is something that has been “reverse engineered” by man from actual alien technology. Right there at this Air Force base! If it is not a drone and has a pilot it is most likely a human test pilot. As for the trees it was taped months earlier before it was uploaded to you.

  6. Actually, this looks pretty good. If you notice, the camera’s auto-focus seems to track with the scene, and that would be damn-near impossible (or extremely time-consuming) too do manually. The ship cloaking at the end is the more likely scenario than it “jumping” trans-dimensionally, since most vids that show the vehicles doing a rapid acceleration show something like an electro-static build-up, or a plasma field or something. These objects are getting to be fairly predictable in some behaviors, like travel. They are curiously NOT shy!

    In time, the truth will out. In the meantime, while I appreciate SecureTeam Ed’s (whatever his name is..) efforts, he is not the best free-thinker/ speaker on the subject, and sounds like a bit of a tool.
    Here’s to all the “pocket-protectory”, calculator-carrying, ‘tin foil hat crowd’ nerdpackers like us!

  7. All of your information about Wright Patterson AFB is incorrect. It is in an area that is anything but rural. Many people visit WPAFB every day with no problems.

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