The Men in Black Incident of UFO Investigator Brenda Butler

Brenda Butler

We can’t be close-minded. We’ve got to ask, “What’s taking place out there?” We’re a boxed-in the community, so it’s time to climb out to see the truth. A British UFO Hunter, Brenda Butler, claimed that “Men in Black” used intimidation, threats, and harassment via phone calls and visits her to stop from pursuing her research in the Rendlesham Forest incident. As stated in the Daily Express, she made the allegations at the conference to celebrate 35 years of the well-known Rendlesham sighting. Without further investigation, people would never know the full details of the Rendlesham Forest incident that happened 30 years ago.

A mysterious object was being reported over the forest situated nearby Woodbridge, Suffolk on December 1980. It is a series of reported strange sighting of unexplained lights and alleged landing of craft on two separate nights, just outside RAF Woodbridge. USAF personnel Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt claimed to spot the strange object. It was a saucer-like craft with large-headed, but small beings. It appeared like they are being suspended from the aircraft’s bottom. The creatures were busy and were unaware of the men watching their deeds. The incident is the most prominent extraterrestrial events to have occurred in Britain. According to Ms. Butler, there was something in the forest that is unexplainable. She thought that the strange experience came from another dimension.

BBC Suffolk will mark its 30th anniversary, and it will be a two-hour broadcasting live on Friday, 17 December, 7-9pm. Ms. Butler is the head of discussions about the Rendlesham incident. The core of discussions is the reports made by Halt.

According to Ms. Butler, she visited the forest at once a week for the last thirty years and has made regular contact with extraterrestrials. She claimed seeing different beings in the woods, as in all stuff – brown monks, ghosts, shadow man, black cat that float around and strange disks as well as crafts hovering in the sky.

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  1. I saw UFOs in the Himalayas in 19987 and have had several experiences with “light beings” since. It it clear that these beings are here, The question is, when will we contact them on our terms?

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