Captured Moment: UFO Overtaking a Flight during Take-Off From New York JFK Airport

jfk ufo

Unidentified sightings by airline pilots are increasingly becoming popular. Unfortunately, there have been instances where pilots have gone missing while pursuing, witnessing or otherwise involved other of extraterrestrial-related activity. That alone suggests that aliens are not only a serious business, but also at times a deadly business, as we have, and shall see.

The footage appears to show an object flying at high speed from July 7. The odd object has led to the assumption that it may be an extraterrestrial vessel. From LookNowTV’s Rick, who found the video, said that the person who captured the strange sighting at JFK film planes is more often catching strange objects. He further admitted that he tried to shoot extraterrestrial vessels and has planned to hunt one in NYC with the hope to air on LookNowTV. While strange sightings received thousands of criticisms, he does not believe that the guy who captured the footage is a hoax. Based on the appearance, the structure and the movement, it is something that no people tell what it is. He even shared the material with his friends to get further opinions, unfortunately, no definitive conclusion. Whatever it is, Russ Kellett, the British UFO expert is still unconvinced, saying that it could be anything because it doesn’t look to be a bird. As you can see, the strange object appears from the airplane’s tail, moving sort of like a bird with wings flapping and moving away.

What do you think? Are aliens or extraterrestrial thing trying to make contact with the pilots? Are they real? There is no word from officials about whether the most recent sighting was another military experiment or a natural phenomenon. But there is no denying that such sighting has been captured, and people should embrace the moment. There are scientific explanations for this extraterrestrial occurrence, but just face it, they’re entertaining!

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  1. Can we only wonder who was on that airplane?

    Are we not yet making the connection with nuclear weapons and the plan to use them on us?


    Might that be what our elders from space are doing?

  2. I just don’t understand how someone keeps seeing nuclear weapons in these sightings. But then I don’t understand the whole phenomenon.

  3. I have seen three saucers. One was stand still about thirty feet above ground. I stood under it and watched it for ten minutes. It started a very low hum and moved a few feet and then left like a bullet. The night had a full moon and was easy to see.

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