Origin of Dorset’s Crop Circle: Is It an Extraterrestrial Mystery?


Recently, Google Videos highlighted several quick video clip clips on crop circles and involved alien action. Crop circles are complex geometric designs that occur in the crop fields. Since they have patterns, they appear as if they were demonstrating. Aerial photos and movie footage display the uniqueness of such unexplained phenomena. But the question is, is it an extraterrestrial activity that happens to be a mystery?

When talking about top tourist destination, Dorset is one of the most visited sights in the world. Recently, it seems like it also attracts extraterrestrial humanoid creatures. The person who spotted the object claimed that the sighting appears like a normal strolling above the Maiden Castle. Shocked and fascinated, the witness called Mr Gyro, a well-known specialist in a ground photography company to come over to Dorset to take photos.

Since the patterns have many explanations, you will discover that some crop circles could be artificial. But these are commonly crude and crammed with flaws when in comparison to that greater artwork sort with the real kinds that continue to be unexplained. Even though experts concur that the object is possibly a man-made object, there are still many people claiming that there are unexplained forces behind the incredible patterns. Over the recent years, a lot of crop circles that appeared in the UK have declined. But this is not the case in Dorset in 2015 because according to the report, the sighting is increasing. According to the witness, the designs are incredibly fascinating and would surely catch the attention of every viewer.

When talking about the origin of the patterns, the crop circle has been reported since the 1960s and ’70s in England and the United States. However, the phenomenon did not gain attention until the 1980s, when the farmer in England discovered the circles. When the media and researchers descended on the farm, the world began to hear about crop circles.

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  1. Your commentary on crop circles is so dumb it’s insulting. Everybody knows how easy it is for humans to run into a farmers field in the dead of night and squash down the crops into enormous perfectly symmetrical, mathematically precise illustrations that can only be viewed from above. It’s obvious now that this is a shill website because real people just aren’t that stupid. Duh!

    • I agree on this, except for some of these patterns from England (Milk Hill, f.ex) that just is impossible to make in the few hours from dusk to dawn, we are talking around 470 circles in a perfect giant pattern, and many has allready tried, but no, ,,, there are some they cannot figure out,,,yet,,,absolutely no trace of humans,,, and a lot that obviously are made by people because they like it, and like the attention

  2. @sewhite
    Of course you are not even slightly informed on this.

    The actual season is the 37th after the intense activity starting with this, in 1977, coincidentally without any author or even technical explanation:

    This year we already have around 70 glyphs registered with just one, in Spain, clearly human made and a couple others of minor relevance being claimed but without proof. And the major ones are still to come in August.

    It will prove nothing, specially if they don’t want it proved. Still.
    But if it can make you think about this as a real contact process, I will appreciate. I know it is by direct sources. And decades dedicated to exodiplomatics studies.

    Of course it’s hard to believe, if I never witnessed them, I wouldn’t.


  3. For non believers log in GOOGLE ” Crop Formations – messages for Humanity. Lecture Alan Foster ” Also ” Crop circles THE ARICIBO Reply “

  4. Yeah! It’s always a team of really great graphic artists with big machinery waiting at the Midnight Hour to manufacture these crop designs. Like hell! Each one is precise and has a message for all the dumb-dumbs out there…..§

  5. I am VERY well informed on this you US Government PUKE SHILL! I’ve been to the UK, I know (DUH!) that some crop circles are man made. Obviously by people (military or sub contractors) who work for the UK and US governments. Which are you? You soulless Bastard? Only a fool who was being paid to lie would deny that we are receiving messages from off world or inter dimensional cultures. I have already met some of them, you are just another troll for the military, defending a dying empire.

  6. There is just NO WAY that this particular crop circle is the work of people running into a farmers field, in the dead of night…creating “PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL….MATHEMATICALLY PRECISE ILLUSTRATIONS THAT CAN ONLY BE VIEWED FROM ABOVE!” …..I want some of what you’re smoking, because you’re definitely “HIGH”

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