UFO activity over Shinjuku ward, Tokyo, Japan 17-Jul-2015


I just received this UFO report:

Location: Shinjuku ward, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 17th July 2015

Report: At 23:45 p.m.on July 17, I have happened to videotape one strange royal blue flashing in the sky.

Flashing in original video looks more brilliant, but Youtube version seems to be compressed and looks like dim light.

First 7 seconds you will see a static image,then after 17 seconds, the blue flash appears in the top-left area in the sky. You can also see a small white light beside the blue light (It seems like a reflection of the blue light on the ship body).  It does not look like natural phenomenon. There was no cloud around that area in the sky. It flashed only one time in the middle of almost two mintute’s recording.

It was not airplane’s lights because they are red,white and green.
It was not  drone’s LED light because drones cannot fly that high and that they keep shining or flashing at night.( Even if the interval of flashings was very long, you must have seen at least several flashings because the drone moves very slowly in the high place at the sky).

It is not a still meteor. Still Meteors do not show this kind of elliptical shape with white rectangle light in the middle. And the way two lighs (blue and white) flashing at the same time cannot be explained by the meteor phenomenon.

The sound in the video is from the outdoor unit of neighbour’s air conditioner.

Although you may not believe this, for the past several weeks before this video was taken, I had been seriously investigating if there is UFO with royal blue color (because one lady said that she witnessed the UFO with that color).My conclusion was that the UFO with blue color would not exist, but somehow I felt very sorry and I looked up the night sky and tried to send my “telepathy” asking ” If there is UFO with royal blue color, please let me videotape that craft” . Then I started to videotape the night sky hoping that something might happen, then the blue flash appeared in the sky.

News coverage in Japan

Video was taken from the balcony of the 4th floor of the building facing the south direction in the Shinjuku ward, Tokyo at 23:45 p.m. on July 17,2015.

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  1. according to Steven Greer you can communicate with them using a kind of semi-conscious thought……so, maybe that was it, they just replied to your request.

  2. i’m not sure if his interpretation is correct, but there are no such things as still meteors. flash is super quick too.

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