Amazing UFO sighting filmed over Iqaluit, Canada 21-Sep-2015


Here’s one really fascinating footage of a fast objects maneuvering in the sky above Iqaluit, the largest city and territorial capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. This was taken on 21st September 2015.

Witness report: i was home, my camera caught two shots of an object that appears and disappears in frame.
I shot the time-lapse at 3 seconds apart. It appears in one shot but doesn’t appear in previous or after shots. Shot#1985-nothing, #1986-has object and #1987 has no object showing. Same with object in shot #2021, which has moved a little to the left.
I only saw them when I put the movie together.
I first thought it was glare, but after fiddling with the light balance, it really looked like a solid object.
It just moved a little in between 1986-2021 photos.
Feelings? Curious, very curious.

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  1. seriously, how is this posted when it is obviously planes landing but the film is speeded up? See the row of lights marking the runway? see how the film speed changes and the cars lights are now streaking by on the ground? I just don’t understand this site anymore, it has become ridiculous that these videos are not screened, even minimally, for credibility.

  2. It’s obvious there’s a airport nearby, but airplanes do not make 90 degree turns and verticle ascents in a upward direction, nor does a airplane hover. This video could have been photo shopped, and customized to look like it’s a UFO. It is difficult to tell in a night time video if a airplane is heading towards the camera.

  3. Yeah, it’s real alright, real airplanes. Does this site have a new owner/administrator? Legitimate sites do not post videos such as this.

  4. I agree with Peg, this site will post just about anything now. This not even worth posting to even call this “fascinating footage” is an insult. Are you guys here at latest-ufo-sitings saying after viewing this video you actually thought it might be something out of this world or needs an explanation, are you so desperate for material that you’ll post anything as long as it has lights? The only thing unidentified is what type of aircraft they are and why you posted it. You owe everyone an apology.

  5. …and the website has the NERVE to call this an AMAZING UFO VIDEO!… REALLY! Nothing but CRAP coming out of this site! TOO BAD!

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