Snowden Explains the Reason Behind Alien Silence


Encryption isn’t a new thing as people have been using it to protect their online privacy. However, American whistleblower Edward Snowden has offered a new idea about encryption. He said the detection of signals sent from aliens could be difficult because of the security measure.

Snowden thoughts about the encryption and foreign signals were made during an interview with science communicator and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on the StarTalk podcast.

Snowden was communicating from Moscow through a beam remote presence system, which is a robot video link. The whistleblower managed to control the robot from Russia. He rolled straight into the office of Tyson at the Hayden Planetarium in New York.

Tyson asked Snowden on the possibility of alien civilizations communicating with encrypted messages. Snowden answered that most advanced societies may have been encrypting their communications, and it may be the reason humanity never heard from other civilizations. Snowden went on to say that there’s no real method to determine encrypted messages in a properly encrypted communication.

Snowden became famous after leaking classified U.S. documents involving secret mass surveillance program. Washington charged him with espionage and theft, and Russia granted him asylum.

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  1. Snowden have a mistake…. An very old code and nencripting code was used 800.00 years ago. The same which father Crespi showed in the golden plate to N Armastrong, the same preserved by venezuelan indigenous and which y analize in my book AYMARACHK… 56 signs or codes with astronomical significating… 23 of this I have the partial meaning. They are here, they are in the wuaykyky , the universe.

  2. Snowden have a mistake…. An very old code and encripting system was used 800.00 years ago. The same which father Crespi showed in the golden plate to asternaut N. Armastrong, the same preserved by venezuelan indigenous and which I analize in my book AYMARACHK… 56 signs or codes with astronomical significating… 23 of this I have the partial meaning. They are here, they are in the wuaykyky , the universe.

    • In my opinion Snowden is not a hero, he’s a traitor. Snowden disregarded his oath to this country, and to God when he swore on his oath. His deed has set this country back years in our ability to properly protect it’s citizens. He should come back to face a jury. It’s clear he has no knowledge of extraterrestrial beings, or any knowledge of secrets of such by the government, he is only speculating, just like the rest of us.

  3. Myself and my daughter have been taking nighttime rides around Norwich ct. And we’ve been seeing a lot of strange things up in the sky especially the huge triangles with three or four lights

  4. Don’t know how all the events taking place since 2001 are going to turn out, but the next fifteen to thirty years should be very interesting.

  5. I admire Snowden. I always see UFOs in Lake Elsinore Ca. They come in and out of the Lake I recorded one it was red above the lake for several minutes it started changing shape turning on and off then it oppened dropped something and then disappeared. In Desert Hot Springs while taking pictures of the dark clouds during the day I cought a black object flying very low above the houses one day I didn’t see it with my eyes another day while taking pictures of the mist in the day in Banning Ca. I cought it again I don’t think it’s a flying saucer but it’s strange.

  6. I agree and I believe every thing everyone that is commenting!! I see things every day and every night. All you got to do it go outside tonight and look up at your favorite star. Your pick. Now tell me true is that star twinkling red blue green yellow white? Take a real good look across the sky now at all of them…they all are, I guarantee you!!!!
    One more thing…A person that has one eye that is near-sighted and the other eye far-sighted, has the ability to see all the traffic of alien aircraft DAILY AND NIGHTLY right above our heads every hour of every day everywhere… Think about that a minute…if you are that special person, the one with two different eyes—you are the one. Because our eyes don’t balance things right so we have had ‘our blinders torn off’ and are the see-ers. Took me my whole life to figure that one out because I have always been a see-er. About four years ago I was goiing to show David’s daughter Natalie the UFOs in the sky, and she said that she could see them too, and sure enough, she had the same eye condition.!! A light went off, and hey I’m always looking now for another one of us, their not out there much that I can find. So I assume we are rare. Yall others have where your eyes if used together see the 3D or 4D picture straight on and as one, and as a whole, and it makes a one complete picture in your head. Not for us. In our brain , the picture is not registered that way, We can see the item for what is really there and not the blended picture that your equal eyes tell your brain to picture in your head. Our brain deciphers a different picture than what the equal eyed people see. We can see the individual layers that make that whole picture and can see whether it looks right or not. Also I have discovered that to me in my own opinion, these alien aircraft are whirling rotating something around them at such a high rate of speed, or its their force-field or magnetic charge, or pulse beam, whatever that would be called that makes them invisible to the regular eyed people. And if you have old school fillings where real silver was used, and they drilled it out close to or into the nerve, then filled with silver, making you an antenna then you can also hear the aircraft and its high pitch whirling sound!! I’m done now. They are not invisible to me, nothing is. I see everything. Always have. Now I now why!!! ps, I have a portal, no joke, in my yard. I’m sounding crazy. I am not. Every bit the honest truth. I see alien aircraft hovering over our church with some kind of hose or cord hooked onto the electric pole. No Lie. It was foggy and the parking lot lights where on and I could see it plain as day. I saw another one open some kind of bay door and shove some gelatine gelatinous material out onto the ground in the woods right beside the church. We get scanned while we sleep. I see orbs all the time. I saw 13 sasquatch looking right back at me as I scanned my yard with infra red night vision one night, and I saw a loch ness monster in Lake Nottely. I’m sounding crazy now I now. But I can prove it to you. Just come down South for a spell and stay outside after dark. Dare ya!! Or just look up tonight. JUST LOOK UP ANY TIME> Sorry for writing so much, once I started I couldn’t stop till it was all out!! BB

  7. The black triangle ship(s) are USA prototypes. These are military hardware with advance weapons. Their being tested and crews trained on their operation, When their operational God help us.

  8. BB reply: I believe you. I also believe you need to capture evidence to back up your statements. There are portals all over this Earth. What state are you located in? Please be careful as it seems you are being allowed to view things for whatever reason. Thank you for being brave and posting your experiences

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