Orb floating over Sao Paulo, Brazil

Orb over Brazil

Here’s one interesting report form TercerMilenio about this strange unidentified flying object that was filmed over Sao Paulo, Brazil on 24th July 2015.

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  1. so many sightings all over one area many times. always the same shape. are people used to this now? it seems like a common occurrence! what’s going on over there?

  2. Thankyou very much for this information on the orb seen around the world and Sao Paulo, Brazil.I wished more goverment organisations take more interest in these orbs been seen for many many years , as many of these issues have been brushed a side. I think there is a higher complex intelligence here other than our selfs ,we are all involved in this complex system. The rest of the answers are coded in the crop circles. And in yours dreams, the ancients talks of dreams ,dreams may be what we remember of our past ,maybe we all maybe connected to this intelligence the orbs are conected to us this is how we are programed or downloaded and guided be school teachers to learn how to use this stored informataion.

  3. How about secret human meetings with them, and actual secret videos of going to their societies and getting such great info highly secretive? If such videos would be found on earth in the wrong hands, it would be passed as science fiction movies which never got to the market.

    The average human hasn’t the foggiest what can result in the true disclosure of such alien societies, and how the earth could be in mass chaos, not in the beginning but at some point later. It wouldn’t exactly be because of their tech introduction, but how systems of values of humans will change. How to stop the world from being in chaos? I know a secret!

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