Shape Shifting UFO Clearly Caught On Cam


A video of strange shapes has caught the attention of online citizens. Tony Shea, who owns online space and paranormal site Shea Magazine, initially thought he recorded the planet Venus over New York. He then felt a presence when shooting the apparent planet.

In the video description, he said that he woke up at around 2 am after a strange dream. He believed at first it was because of his computer’s reflection off the window.

But then he felt a strange presence watching him. He sensed something like a beam coming through the window. He got his camera and started recording. He caught on cam a shape-morphing activity between a flaming ball, planet, triangle, molecule, angular shape, and a jellyfish. The witness added that it even formed like a puffer fish or cells under a microscope at a particular stage.

Mr Shea is aware that some people may provide reasonable explanations, such as distant planets, meteors, or nuclear explosions. He himself doesn’t rule out Venus, Jupiter or Mars as a possible explanation because the three planets are visible this month. He also said that it could be a star, a meteor, or nuclear explosion in space.

At least for a while the shape did look a planet for Mr Shea. However, he observed it changed, became more liquid, fiercer, and apparently breathing while changing in shape and burning.
The object then became more molecular, changed shape again, and continued the patterns.

Video viewers thought of optical illusions of the camera lens as a possible explanation. One comment from Sandy Asher reads that their friend, Professor Marc Cooper, said it was Venus. Sandy stated that the point of source illuminated inside of the lens. Venus is dazzling in the eastern sky this month at the hours before dawn.

But another comment from Sally says that it would have slowly moved if it was Venus.

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  1. There is a net on the window… this with the zoom distorts the image.. dont know what is it.. but clearly the shape shifting is caused by the net anti-mosquito.

  2. Well, if it was a planet it would have changed positions relative to the tree but in all 20 min it remains I’m the same place. Interesting video! I have seen other videos with the same type of thing. Portal maybe?….

    • have you actually stood still for a full 20 mins watching Venus? it will hardly seem to have moved at all. (well “moved”, i mean to say the planet turning)

  3. Its npt any Windows ! – in old days they called them folen Angeles . When they getting into our atmosphere they cannot hold they shape . And its dangerous to be close with them . Look on youtube . Folen Angeles . This is your answer . Its not a fake .looks like to many different types of them pretending to be a star . I got every night at least over 20 different types blinking .. just dont have right things to take great videos of them . They are here and they are watching us . Every day and night .

  4. I don´t believe that objet is Venus, i don´t know what´s that but it doesn´t look like Venus. I sometimes whatch Venus with binoculars and it´s different.

  5. I have a background in biology, and have observed many cells and creatures under a microscope, and this looks like a biological lifeform undergoing some sort of change, in fact it seems to be “performing” for him, as if it knows it is being observed.But, regardless, it does appear to be a life form–these things are being seen more often, Bio-types of forms in our atmosphere. Wonderful footage!!

  6. I saw the same thing in LA, California 6:11AM this morning September 18, 2015 and made a video
    , but mine show only the star I couldn’t zoom in with my cellphone.

  7. Luis, if you watch Venus with a camera thru a netted/dirty window it will look very different to what you see through binoculars.

  8. it is a star he is filming through distortion of his window. the morphing he’s creating is done by him slowly moving his camera view within the defects on the glass. believe me he would not get the same effect if he was filming straight from out side. i mean really, if you see something that extraordinary, wouldn’t you be going outside to get a better view? makes it more mysterious from inside.

  9. That is the most amazing footage I’ve ever seen. Looks like a biological entity. If it appeared to you once, it likely will come back. So get ready…get yourself a tripod and go outside next time!

  10. I have seen weather balloons with those type of seams sewn into them with the slight imagery of moon scape. It is likely anchored as it does not move against or with the wind, but it turns. It also is deflating and filling on command of someone’s remote. “Fallen angel”, hardly, I’ve seen better weather balloons and planets and fallen angels than that. Lol. Nice try! It is a UFO by description. Lol.

  11. IF this is real please follow up more…if this was microscopic it actually looks like an omeba ..but from your movie it clearly is large would you estimate this to be?

  12. This is Venus and it is where it should be. The strange shapes are caused by a combination of a dirty lens, shooting through a window and the camera not being able to focus on a distant object such as Venus. Going outside and using a tripod would have helped get a clearer shot of the planet. Nice try but this doesn’t fly!

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