UFO Groups Found Alien Spacecraft That Crash Landed On Earth Millions of Years Ago


A group of people believe they found debris from a UFO that may have landed on Earth millions of years ago. The alleged alien remains recently discovered came in the form of a disc made of a four-metre stone.

Ancient UFOAlien enthusiast groups, UFOlogy and Kosmopoisk, found the object while on an expedition near Volgograd, Russia.

UFO enthusiasts, especially those observing Mars anomaly through NASA photos, said that the stone disc looks similar to the ones they have seen on Mars. They concluded that the newly discovered UFO was a military drone, but probably got off course and crashed landed on Earth.

The disc was one of many reportedly unearthed in the area. It may contain metal Tungsten (Wolfram), which is common in the military technology. Many UFOlogists believe that the same element may also present in a UFO.

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  1. There are many in the area ?.So what happened when they scanned it or cracked one open then ?? if you have spares !.
    Of course we will never know..

  2. It must be the “smart car” of UFO’s – that thing is small. Whether it’s real or not I would love to know if they actually “open” it –

    Here’s my UFO encounter:


  3. Message for doc. This is how you do science. Crack it open and you will find something. The area looks like lots of sedimentary rock so ideal environment for fossil formation. Bit premature to assume a UFO. Never a waste of money or time though.

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