A UFO Apparently Landed On Fire In London Road


A UFO apparently crashed in the middle of the road. It was seen on fire and concerned witnesses reprted it to Kingston Police. The police force has encouraged anyone with the knowledge about the bizarre object to come forward.

uk-ufo-2On October 17, Kingston Police posted a report about the subject matter on its Facebook page. It says that around midnight, a concerned citizen called them on 999 saying there was an unusual item on fire in the road.

London Fire Brigade and Emergency Response Team were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived in the area, they couldn’t believe what they had witnessed. The responding officers described the item as similar to a crash-landed UFO.

The police, on a serious note, asked anyone who has information about the object and how it ended that way to contact them on 101 and quote CAD: 525/17OCT15.

But many commenters of the Facebook post have brought Earthly speculation about the object. They said that the blue and red item wasn’t an alien object, but an upside-down pizza oven.

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  1. ok that’s it. now anything that says ufo in it’s story gets posted here. not a serious site anymore. i’m going over to other sites.

  2. These are the kinds of stories that make it impossible for other people to believe anything regarding UFOs/crafts. The more this kind of story gets posted on UFO sites, You Tube and the other social media sites, the more people think it is all hoaxes or terrible misjudgements made by people who do not have common sense. Please, for the benefit of the UFO community, be wiser in posting articles that will only jeopardize the existence of UFOs, crafts, etc. This is an actual science. It really isn’t about entertaining people and getting ratings for your site, it’s about real life experiences people are having and the desire to understand what is going in our backyards. TY.

  3. Well said M45. I too am fed up with this subject not being taken seriously, having seen some very strange things in my lifetime. Is there no one who can edit out the idiots who think it’s clever to post fake and misleading information?

  4. I guess the sources this page uses have dried up. There used to be 3-6 stories in every email, now we’re lucky if we get two. I guess it’s just slim pickings these days, slow UFO times, lol

  5. First i came here because this was one of those pages that wasn´t full of BS.
    Then i saw Secureteam10 videos here, lol.

    Now i come here to have a good laugh, i guess this page was taken over and turned into another “Mock UFO-Sightings” page.

  6. Please those above who are looking for serious sites on this subject matter, please help me by letting me know if you find a credible reliable site which does its best to rise above the multitude of disinformation, hoaxes, and jokers which has resulted in me feeling like I’m searching for a needle of truth in a haystack of bullshit. I’m sick off this. Please pass on any good sites. Even secureteam10 has become silly.

    • all you can do is type ufo in and see what comes up. then you can only judge for yourself what seems good and what doesn’t. i’ve found about 5 sites that i’m perusing now.

  7. By the sounds of us readers, who are dedicated in seeing and talking about UFOs, it seems most of us are in demand of a site that offers true events that are happening in our sky. Please (Latest UFO Sighting)… Start posting the videos and pictures of true UFO events…not the stuff we have been seeing lately on your site. As you can see, there are many of us who are looking to go to legit sites that offer much more than the fictional videos and ridiculous mis-judgements that have been posted here of late. If you can’t find stories that fit the criteria of legitimate events regarding UFOs, then only post them when you do find them. A good reputation will always win out, while the “popularity” for inaccurate material will only last a (very) short time. Help us and we will help you. It’s just that simple.

  8. You got to be kidding? This is the LAZIEST story I have even seen. I understand that the UFO community varies far and wide in what they believe and its hard enough sometimes to get your head around what you may be looking at and trying to interpret, but to show an upside down pizza oven and try to push this on readers show that you do not give a sh*t about us and think we will swallow any old junk. This is my first visit to this site and my last one too. Good luck with your tabloid.


  10. It;s obviously a street vendors pizza oven that must have been stolen. I guess it then caught fire on the back of the truck so the thieves dumped it in the street.

    The UK is plagued by metal gangs of metal thieves who drive around and steel anything they can get their hands on then weigh it in for scrap metal.

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