Odd-Shaped UFO Caught On Video Hovering Over Oklahoma


A witness in Ponca City, Oklahoma reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) about his sighting involving a mysterious object hovering in the daytime sky. According to his testimony in Case 68054 from the MUFON witness reporting database, he watched and videotaped the odd-shaped aerial thing.

While in a Hastings parking lot in the middle of the town on July 8, 2015, he noticed someone looking up with binoculars at about 4:30 p.m.

He saw it easily and pulled out his iPhone to take photos and a video. He had a better view of the object with his naked eye. The object just faded into the clouds but did not appear to move. Several people outside the university center were looking at it as well. The witness was hoping to find a news about that thing in a local newspaper but did not find anything.

The witness describes the object in the report as dark gray and stands out from all the other clouds. He likes to know from other witnesses about the object’s identity. The video is also submitted along with the witness’ report.

MUFON Oklahoma State Director Richard Gardner investigated the case and closed it as Unknown. Gardner said that both the pictures and video showed a dark shape with a pigtail appendage pointing downward in the center. No sound can be heard from the object, which is around 1500 feet in altitude. The object also did not seem to move laterally in any direction. It appeared to be obscured by the low clouds and then disappeared.

Gardner also noted the wind speed at ground level, which was 5 mph, and visibility, which was 4 miles. A balloon or plastic bag should have moved to the south with clouds that moved at a pretty good clip as described by the witness.

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  1. I saw something that looked just like this today on my way home. Kept an eye on it until I got home and saw that it moved slightly at an upward angle. I thought it was a helicopter at first and that I was just seeing it at a weird angle. But it slowly started fading into the sky. It moved like a parachuter would but going up so obviously not. I have no idea what it was.

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