Blueish UFO Flies High Above Utah


A man from Sandy, Utah reported his UFO sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). According to his testimony in Case 70772 of the American-based non-profit organization’s witness reporting database, he saw the blue glowing object and recorded it on video.

The witness first noticed the object at 9:30 p.m. on September 20, 2015. The object didn’t move at all and did appear very far in the distant sky. It had a blue glow color, the report said.

As the witness started to take photos, the UFO began to move across the sky, but he heard no noise coming from it. He also did not see a trail as the object moved. He noted that it was a clear night sky and stars in the sky were very visible. He said the blue object was different from a star.

Few minutes later, the witness saw the object above their house, maintaining a high altitude. It flew to the northwest sky and vanished. The witness could not locate it again. He managed to get still photos and a video of the mysterious aerial object.

MUFON closed the case as an unknown after Utah MUFON Assistant State Director Geoffrey Cox’s investigation.

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  1. I wish camera and phone manufacturers would include a manual focus on all their products, auto focus is just not reliable. Also we apparently need a stabilization feature as well, lol. People, please brace your phone or camera against something to hold it steady. I have no clue what this object is, it appears to be either a gas or plasma, and it also looks electrified, it does not look like a solid object to me.

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