Orange flying saucer caught on tape over Melbourne, Australia 28-Oct-2015

flying saucer

Here’s one new UFO video of a flying saucer that was hovering in the night sky above Melbourne in Australia. This happened on 28th October 2015.

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  1. I saw this on the 28th of October while driving along the Western Ring road. Sure was very weird! It looked exactly like it does in the video as well.

  2. Sorry posted before watched video, just looked like lit up clouds. Now it looks like something with a flashing light, which, again, I don’t think an alien craft would have. If they did they would have landed and said hello already, or surrender, or take me to your leader; take your pick.

  3. It travels too slow to be an airplane, helicopter or a shooting star… Not traveling fast enough to be an unusual, flying spacecraft that is visiting planet Earth… It is well lit and also has a strobing effect… Much like, other conventional aircraft to prevent collisions… I suspect it is a saucer shaped blimp… Created and designed to fool a large group of onlookers as they view it in the night time skies…

  4. I tried to film several alien craft around me,from 6-30pm.,last night,under 1.5 mls.,away,but have not set up my new HD cam-corder,properly!I could’nt see anything in view finder,and nor could I using my anologue corder!Later in town visiting,same happened again,till 9-40 pm.,when I thought I had finally filmed one!Not as good as my usual vid’s.,but worthwhile images made,which I will shre when I sought setting’s out!Robert Newton,Britain.

  5. humanity deserves the truth which will only come from the people like you so well done as they are as real as the planes over our heads

  6. also why is it that people are so fast at discounting ufos as not alien . REALLY and tick the box above or is it out fear of the unknown maybe . the truth is they do exist they are theirs . and our advanced tech

  7. My daughter and I saw it too! We watched for ages. It seemed to glow when we first saw it. Took a photo but didn’t turn out too well, but it looked just like the video.

  8. Hi everyone. I know for a fact this isn’t a UFO. This is the blimp that flies over Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. It’s is glowing pink because in October they are raising awareness for cancer council’s pink ribbon campaign.
    Here’s a link for the Legend Blimp. Sorry to disappoint! 🙂

  9. It’s a blimp. I used to see them all the time at Atlanta Falcon football games growing up. It is simply a blimp in the distance, all lit up.

  10. Im from south africa guateng in eastrand of jo’burg r saw it too.r was locking r gate at nyt r sar this big red light on air n r took r pic

  11. Why in the hell would a ufo of any type need lights? Especially flashing lights! My god man if these things are so far advanced, why would they need any lights? Anytime I hear of a ufo with lights I know it is a fake, or something from our military, or whatever. I am still waiting for a clear video of any ufo. Now I do think that what ever was flying over a few years ago that was supposed to be military flares was a true ufo as many people saw it go directly over them, but still no video, no clear pictures, and with the millions and millions and millions of video cameras in this world? Wtf is going on with no clear pictures? Come on man lets get a clear set of clear pictures, and some clear video. I truly think that if aliens exist it is in our oceans as we have not explored even 5% of them, and probably have bases on some of our closer planets, and the moon, and probably underground in my opinion. There has been a lot of things that happened to living beings on this earth that have caused their demise, and many things we to this day cannot figure out what happened, but there are only a few probable things that probably happened. First the sun, we don’t know much about it really, then volcanos, never know, something impacting our land or oceans and covering all land for who knows for how long? Would wipe out any trace of existence, and the impact on either could have caused the earth axis to move and a ice age to cover the earth, we are guessing about a lot of things, and it is very possible humans have been on this earth off and on for millions of years. It is exciting to think of all of the possibilities, but just darn scary to think how fast we could destroy ourselves this the terror that lurks out there with the crazy religion drivin souls that may take us down!

  12. It was a blimp that was doing the rounds in October. My mate’s brother in law was the pilot. Says he gets this even when he’s flying around in broad daylight. He’s a wanker though.

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