Prehistoric Rock Paintings Show A UFO and Aliens


Did extraterrestrials visit Earth 10,000 years ago, close to the time when humanity invented writing and the wheel?

Some, of course, believed aliens did and there were paintings to prove it.

In 2014, an Indian archaeologist claimed that 10,000-year-old paintings on a rock in Charama, India were a substantial evidence of an actual UFO.

india-aliens-2According to BeforeItsNews, local archaeology department is now looking for NASA’s help.

Archaeologist JR Bhagat said the findings may suggest that prehistoric humans may have imagined or seen beings from other planets, which still create interest among researchers and ordinary people.  He said that more comprehensive research is needed for further discoveries.

The bizarre rock paintings include figures holding weapon-like things. These figures don’t have specific features – no nose and mouth. In a few images, these figures are seen wearing spacesuits.

Prehistoric men may also have the imagination of aliens or beings from other planets, but humans often fancy such things.

Others believe that the fact may inspire imaginations. In this case, prehistoric men are thought to have the knowledge about or perhaps seen real ET visitors.

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  1. How hard it must have been to paint with whatever they used on rock walls. Although I certainly don’t discount the basic theory, my guess it’s probably just someone’s family, the family of an aspiring artist.

  2. These are alien forms we know all about them they look like type L3 about 4 ft high and we have examples of their remains as well as other types which is being washed up from the sea bed as oceans were lower then and residences were near sea .

    For further information contact . All amter has a magnetic coding value and we extract the codes and use the codes to ID different things . It also seems that there was Nuclear War at some time making certain areas radio active with the longer particles such as Caesium/ Strontium and Plutonium and we have examples of melted rock which show the same radio active responses.

    If Your web site sends an E mail address I can send over some attachments of our findings. This is on a need to know basis

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