United States: Butterfly UFO Caught On Camera In Great Detail


A father and son reportedly photographed and recorded a video of a strange-shaped black craft that had many lights on its underside. The two were just leaving a restaurant near Ohio-Kentucky border in the USA at around 7 p.m. local time on Saturday.

Named as Tom and Christopher, the pair allegedly said that two military helicopters followed the UFO in the same direction five minutes later.

The video, which was taken by father Tom, shows the craft gliding past slowly, but as it nearing the horizon, two small flashes of light appeared away from it and on the two sides.
The photographs visibly show the aerodynamic shape as well as the lights on the underside.

But the video, posted in YouTube channel Secureteam10, has some UFO researchers believing that it was made with computer generated imagery (CGI). The channel has been previously accused fo sharing clips featuring CGI technology.

However, the owner of the channel Tyler Glockner has denied ever doing such thing deliberately. He claimed to be an honest alien researcher.

Glockner said that he called the butterfly sighting an alien craft rather than just a UFO because of the stunning detail of the structural characteristics of this aircraft. He’s very sure that this is an alien ship.

The father allegedly said they saw two military helicopters heading towards the same path as the alien craft about five minutes after while driving home in their vehicle. However, the two could not take any picture of the helicopters as they were too fast and they were driving the opposite way.

According to Glockner, the father and son both described the alien craft as eerily silent. It has glowing lights, chambers, windows, and other characteristics that do not jive with anything on Earth.

Many viewers of the video are convinced it must be an alien ship. However, others say it’s an RC glider or some other man-made flying things. There are commenters who believe it’s a CGI because of the movement of the camera that is similar to the wiggle effect in Adobe after effects.

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  1. The father and son who capture the video are very lucky indeed. We are fortunate to have people that come foward to prove we are not alone in the universe.

  2. Calm down guys, it´s SecureTeam10, it´s fake!
    Just watch their youtube channel, and you will see all those bad made fakes.
    And an Ufo sigthings site is discrediting itself, after i saw another Secureteam10 BS video crap here, i just wait for a ThirdPhaseofMoon BS.
    But what do i say, someone who is propagating videos that the world knows of that they are faked, is on the opposite side, mocking people that are really interested in this phanomena.
    Shame on you, Latest FakeUFO Sightings, will delete the bookmark now, and would recommend every real interested people to do so too!!!

  3. wow. even after all the complaints about this site, the known hoaxes and cgi, LUFOS really doesn’t listen to it’s audience or take into account that the public wants real footage. it’s just like the government not listening to its’ citizens and just going ahead with whatever. secureteam is a known hoax site. but that doesn’t seem to matter to LUFOS. guys, you are losing your audience.

  4. Looks a lot like CG to me, the ‘flying away’ effect just looks like its shrinking.
    It looks like a BAT to me, oh look its Halloween !.
    Double Baloney !

  5. what makes me think twice that it’s NOT a hoax is the 2-flash appearance. to me how could anyone hoaxing possibly think to add something like that? i believe this is genuine. and the other 3-flash video is cool too. those flashes remind me of when you get an eye exam and as you keep your focus in the middle the flashes appear all around and you have to press the button when you see them in your peripheral vision.

      • only YOU would put my name in to make it look like i’m answering myself. who the hell would do that? anyone here knows that’s a stupid thing to do. now feck off.

    • Dude it’s a fake. Effects like that are simple moves for any have way good editor. There is a monetary incentive for Secure Team to post footage that gets a lot of clicks. Money. They give two dicks about real footage. Look up how much money secure team makes per year based on there 180K subscribers. That is the motivation. Money and deceiving people are interested.

  6. I live right up the river from them in OH, and let me tell you we got some creepy crap going on. We see all kinds of stuff thanks to the minimal light pollution at night, and our open heights hills. Hell we even have mothman right through here.

  7. Secureteam_hoax. They have been caught ot in the past so I simply don’t believe anything that they push out any more.

    Confirmed faker making money from each view of their stupid fake vids. Cunts like this do the real researchers a massive dissever=ice

  8. We are not alone,but hey u can’t believe everything u see.some people don’t have anything to do.and they don’t really care for a Sirius issues like UFO’s. This video Its fake.no doubt.

  9. We are not alone,but hey u can’t believe everything u see.some people don’t have anything to do.and they don’t really care for a Sirius issues like UFO’s. This video Its fake.no doubt.

  10. CGI or drone, take your pic. Problem with still image against night sky is that background sky has image artifacts from zooming in but the UFO is comparatively sharp without the image artifacts as well.

  11. The object is extremely small – you can tell by the shifting of the auto-focus. By the way it blurs compared to the mountains in the background, I would suggest this is a drone (or at least drone sized). Also, I read claims of helicopters but saw none in the video. Saw a similar video (different shape UFO) that turned out to be a helium balloon (not even a weather balloon). Perspective made it look like a giant object in the sky moving extremely fast.

  12. why even post this. i mean cmon. Secure Team is mocking the field of ufology. They do this for money. That’s why there’s ads before every video. That’s why Tyler creates fake after to fake video, to make money. Please stop posting this bullshit. If Secure Team acknowledged their channel is for entertainment purposes it would be less offensive. Fakes like this only harm the ufo community and support those who are deceiving us.

  13. Interesting to go to such an extent to post a video of a toy that looks like a butterfly. This a teenager had to make up for fun, to only use it for kicks. A radio station or whatever you do, your an embarrassmento for posting such garbage to say it’s a flying object from outer space. Than to be so defensive to person for having an opinion by responding for calling you out on your lies. Get a f’n life. The only reason your doing this gig, because you can’t find a real job. No one wants to hire anyone th a t lives in a fake work of their own and believes there own lies. Look at the fan object! It looks like a kids toy. We better technology to fake a ufo. If going to keep posting trash claiming it’s real deal hire a professional graphics artist. You give people in in what ever industry your in a very bad reputation. You keep mentioning 2 helicopter’s but non are shown. Had there been any helicopter’s for sure the person or child didn’t have the common sense to include them to your fake video. If they had includes the helicopters it would have most likely have cheepened this pretend flying object home made or bought and glued together car toy and added wings to it. You would have had to pau out more to make it look real. Keep the cost low and pocket more money to post crap. Why am I even responding to this article I don’t know, but this I will let you know; you are a piece of shit. Grow the f up dude and get a life possible a real job while your getting a life. Stop the criticism by responding so negatively to people that have a brain and the coming sense to call you out on your dumb hoax.

  14. Obviously theirs is a planet like earth which has insects, hence the image of a butterfly or moth and the cabin looks like the cabin of a ship during capt. Cooks time, the coverage is superb, well done, Chris !!

  15. I saw something very similar to this last night 1/1/2017 over the Gold Coast Australia. Floated there for 4 hrs and was still there when I went to bed at 1.45am. Hovered at a reasonably high altitude most of the time but did come closer, even closer than that video footage. When it came closer I could see it rolling over and twisting. When it hovered at a distance you could make the definitive shape of it because of the clouds above it. I posted on FB as I was watching it that it looked like an eagle with its wings spread floating in an updraft. Yet it would move side to side lift and drop erratically. When I first saw it was a cluster of bright lights but it dimmed out in a split second but was still visible. I have my neighbor that witnessed it too. She started saying about aliens etc and I am open minded. I have no explanation except it was an unidentified flying object.

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