Two new UFO sightings filmed over Oregon


Here’s a new footage of a two interesting sightings in the sky above Oregon. Check out the video below and don’t forget to leave the comment!

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  1. Flashing lights.. so must be man made? Maybe that’s what people are supposed to think? Do humans have the monopoly on flashing lights then?
    OK, I don’t know if it’s man made or alien made, but what really stands out for me is when the object veers away so we get agood view of the leading but receding light array. If it was a plane, the front lights would not be blazing behind what would be the bulkhead. The body of the object would block the lights at that angle, at least partially. Anyway, I am always prepared to keep an open mind, I just wish we could eliminate the hoaxes and obvious mistaken identities so that the subject could be investigated properly.

  2. interesting but seemed a bit like something we could possibly build !!on our planet , like the ccommentry though , iv never seen ufo,s hope to one day soon…

  3. As ever with such coverage there is not enough context or detail. This kind of footage can be easily faked but that does not mean that it is. On such long sightings it would be nice if there was a tripod handy and zooming and panning was employed to give scale and context. Changes in focus would also help.

    The night-scope footage is also unconvincing to me, which does not mean it is fake but that there really is not enough there for me to feel convinced – could it be a time lapsed Jupiter for example? I sympathise – all my sightings have been uncorroborated by other witnesses and I could not get any footage – it was all too quick and unforeseen. We, the public, are generating so much of this sort of material and yet it feels like we are grasping at smoke.

  4. I guess the blinking red light is to signal to other UFO’s as to what direction this UFO is intending on traveling. Maybe the red blinking light is an alien traffic light of some sort so that if you are in another alien ship you would then know to “pass with caution”

  5. They are watching us. They can’t be stopped from coming here . We should welcome them and share life together. Communicate and live in peace together.

    • if only it was that easy. humans are way too violent and distrustful for that dream. but the aliens “know” who is nice and who is naughty.

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