“Secret Agents” Investigate Crashed Fireball UFO


Secret agents have investigated a crashed UFO after it allegedly came down near the road. A released video shows green lights from the unidentified flying object that shoots through the sky before it apparently comes down nearby.

But many social media users believe it is a prank within minutes after it was posted online. The video, which starts by showing unusual lights in the sky before one of them crashes to Earth, is believed to be a scam to promote a new health drink.

The full advert presents teams in bio-hazard suits, sealing off areas in the southern city of Cape Town. Then these people are seen in Sandton, Johannesburg and other cities nearby investigating a crashed alien spacecraft.

After the video had been released online, many Twitter users expressed doubt about the UFO sightings that involved one crashed unknown flying object.

Indeed, the PR firm, which initiated the stunt, later admitted that it was done deliberately to promote a health drink for Clover and FutureLife.

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  1. wow the girl is laughing and oh so surprised. there’s a 50 on the saucer. this “crashed” ufo is a tourist attraction. the film is a hoax.

  2. i saw another article stating that this is was a movie set on the side of the road, and was causing traffic hold ups because people were stopping to look thinking it was a real crashed ufo

  3. If this is a crash site, then there would be a much larger crater and everthing nearby be burnt to hell ! This does look like the UFO had been placed gently like a prop….

  4. If that was shot at normal camera speed, there would have been nothing left of it at the speed it was falling to earth. That alone makes it a fake.
    As David Guthrie said “Why post the he77 post it”?

  5. heres a question for all u guys who think the advert is real.. HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY SEEN THIS FUTURELIFE PRODUCT IN STORES ANYWHERE?????

  6. i was in cape town when this thing flew overhead, i saw it in observatory it was so low i lit up the buildings. IT WAS DEFINITLY REAL there is nothin that our government has built that can move like that. i saw it it was real

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