There May Be Truth About An Alien Star Map Drawn In 1961


A star system discovered in the southern constellation of Reticulum known as Zeta Reticuli allegedly resembles Betty Hill’s drawing. Betty and Barney Hill first claimed in 1961 that aliens abducted them.

The New Hampshire couple even tried to support their claim with Betty drawing a map of where they thought the aliens originated.

But many experts threw out their claims saying there was no constellation resembled the drawing. However, an expert is now saying that there might be veracity to their claims.

Statistician David Saunders says that Betty’s drawing resembles Zeta Reticuli. He explains that there’s no way Betty could have drawn the star map in random.

Betty said she and Barney were taken into a separate room on board. The couple said the Examiner did some tests to them.

Betty & Barney Hill

According to Betty, who died in 2004, the Examiner put her on a stool and checked her throat, nose, ears, and eyes. She then put on a table for the Examiner to check her nervous system based on what she heard from the aliens.

The aliens allegedly tried to insert a needle-like instrument in her navel, which resulted in too much pain prompting the aliens to stop doing it. Betty said that Barney’s exam was very much the same, but the ETs were more interested in his bone structure.

Betty also claimed that she had an encounter with the alien leader. She asked the leader of their origin, and he showed her a star map showing where they came from. Betty allegedly made the sketch under hypnosis.

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  1. This is hardly new but still fascinating. If the Record is correct and complete, the process for examination, regression and re-call, makes it a Text Book case of Abduction. From the outset I saw this as an attempt for knowledge by ? relative two Human Life Forms that were unlike the majority in they we’re a bi-racial couple who were socially mobile and fitting in society as best they could for the Time and Place. From a Psycho-Social aspect it makes perfect sense, if inclined to accept the presence of “Other” forms in our realities or interpretations of such reality?

  2. that is true about the star map and its location however, there is more to learn about that map and without understanding that we are on the wrong path. It is time we listen to those that actually can explain that man and the signifance which reveals the ufo perspective. See we are being asked if we are past where from the beginning we were at F, so U F O? Revealing that we are all required to start from the beginning to reconcile what that “F” means which I was fortunate to reconcile with three scientific theories attempting to link einstein’s theory and quantum mechanics based on string theory. Fortunate for us science via those theories and information from stephen hawkings book actually via science the actual results of that alleged sin. The most significant point from science in their attempt to link science and religion has revealed the truth from the beginning and it was revealed in the first sentence of the new theory of everything where mr Dimitri Nanopoulos stated “The key poing was wen we realized that strings dont have the sepcific representation_Oh Jesus.” there we see that God has used science to show that that string is relevant to his son Jesus and that is where we focus our study though from the beginning…you will see..if you look and ask questions…

  3. Interesting transcript from CIA briefing President Reagan in 1981 refers to the
    Zeta star system, very classified info.

  4. Sorry, but what a load of stupid gobbledegook Ron. Not sure if this is an attempt at satire or a serious effort to explain certain theories. Either way, if you are going to write in English, please make it easy to understand, the English language is complicated enough without adding to it. Science and religion will never accomodate each other, science is fact, relicion is fiction.
    It is very possible that Betty’s star map is the result of a UFO encounter but so much doubt has been poured on the subject that the truth may never be revealed. I keep an open mind, I am not clever enough to spout theories but I do have common sense and keep my feet on the ground, my eyes to the skies…just in case the truth really is out there.

  5. Someone claims “science is fact and religion is fiction.” You have NO Idea just how much our beloved Science cannot understand nor How Frequently scientists have too go oop’s guess it didn’t work that way after all? Recent discoveries and changes in Space Theory are one Small example. For one to genuinely claim they are “open minded” they must be willing to see that Religion has it’s place in society and therefore it’s effects are real to the experiencer! I personally know many Physicians and Scientific types who thoroughly believe, we are not alone and that there is a Spiritual essence to Human existence and interactions, that cannot be measured and/or understood using our very Rigid method of Scientific inquiry. However, most “main stream” Scientists reject the current acceptance of “Alien Visitation.” So, if neither mainstream Science or Religion support the existence of and visitation by ? Who, or what are we to believe? I’ve seen a lot in my time and am sure as I can be, it/they are not US, in appearance and sophistication. They know us and about us far more than we do ourselves, but they are lacking and hence is why we are of such grand importance to them. We have something they want and need and many think the time is near for them to make it all known. Most of those of Religious nature who accept this presence as real see them as Dark and/or Evil manifestations of the G-d of this World, Lucifer. Of those not so inclined, the Visitors are to be marveled at and to be accepted as Superior and worthy of our Respect and Adulation. I would say, I want NO part of them and simply wish to understand WHY our Government has went to such great lengths to keep us in the Dark? Maybe, the News is just to horrible share with the Public, as total disintegration may result. If the story of Jimmie Carter breaking down in Sob’s when provided information from NASA, NSA and Scientific experts is correct, we may not like what is about to happen?

  6. The phenomena has been occurring for thousands of years and why should we now worry? Civilizations come and go and progress has been steady. There is something going on that we just can’t pin point. So relax and let us take care of our daily life doing the best we can. Some of us work for the best others just live their pointless lives because they are self centered or they just don’t know any better. Please stop living in panic and come back to earth. By the way, I have witness UFO’s and many of them.

  7. well said Ivette….nothing new is going on, we are just become aware of reality a bit more…no need to panic, just learn and improve. My theory on alien life is: this is us in the future. We will eventually be forced to leave our planet due to the fact that the universe has destructive forces beyond our control as does the inner earth itself. Our sun will not last forever….nothing does. Who is to say that aliens are not just people from other galaxies who have been forced to search for a new home because their planet can no longer support their life forms. Over thousands of years of living in space their original form will have changed and perhaps their only way to live on a planet again is to assimilate themselves to that planet genetically…(ie hybrids). It is my thought that this could very well be happening here on earth for many, many years.

  8. The people are telling the truth but the So Called aliens are not who they say..they don’t live outside of Earths orbit cause they cannot leave this domain of Earths dome. They are Demons spawns of Satan and spiritual being of Hells fire. They hate us they want to mutilate us in destroy the fabric of humanism..

  9. I believe in the phenomenon.
    But think that, if a after 100s or thousands of years of sightings and abduction cases, an advanced entity, with far more higher technology and the ability to travel at speeds beyond our reckoning, would have or could have ended our presence by now if they had a sinister motive.

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