Amateur Photographer Snaps Rectangle UFO Near The Statue of Liberty


The images showing a bizarre cassette-shaped UFO have created contrasting opinions between UFO researchers and photo experts. An amateur photographer took several pictures of the strange unidentified flying object and sent them to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an organization that accepts UFO-related reports and investigates them.

The UFO sighting pictures show an unusual sight, which the photographer doesn’t notice when he snaps the famous New York landmark. According to the report of the unnamed witness, he was on the base of the Statue of Liberty shooting photos of New York.

It was cold, and the skies were clear during the sighting, the witness said. He reportedly used two different cameras to take pictures.

When the witness got back to his hotel and reviewed the images, he noticed a large cassette-like object floating over the bay and city. Interestingly, in every other photo, the witness saw the object getting further from him.

The witness reiterated that at the moment he snapped the photos; he observed nothing in the sky. He said that there were no parachutes, no airplanes, or any other activities, other than the police patrolling the bay.

MUFON marks the case as unresolved.

While it’s hard to establish the object’s identity, photo experts are skeptical on the cases similar to this one – when nothing was observed while the image was shot. They usually argue that it’s likely to be an internal camera anomaly, lens flare, or smudge on the lens.

But some UFO researchers are convinced that it is an alien craft powered by extra terrestrials. They even claim to have noticed two other UFOs in one of the photos, although one of them looks to be a building roof in the distant skyline.

These UFO researchers even claimed that those UFOs were only revealed because they were caught in the digital eye. The human eye probably can’t see them, they further stated. They explained that the camera probably had an IR filter or any other the same filter over the lens that allowed it to see the UFOs.

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  1. I’m the author to that picture. I have more. You can distinctively see object float into the distance. There was nothing in the skies over that area. Especially over Ground Zero. It was clear and very patrolled. What was odd was the cassette like shape. But then again. It’s all in the angle I was in. Perhaps if I was on the ground it would have looked different.

  2. Its a Chinook. A helicopter with 2 propellers and a large body like a cargo plane. The picture was blurred to not show the propellers.

  3. To funny Chase. But no. I have the originals. I reported what I caught. That’s it. Hey, I’m not going to add to the hoax or misinformation others are putting out there. I took pictures of the New York from the base of the statue. I caught that. Simple. I’m just passing information. That’s all.

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