An 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Found In Austria


Many UFO researchers believe that aliens were once visited planet Earth because of an alleged 800-year-old cell phone that has been dug up in Austria.

While the claim is most likely a hoax, the online world has still gone into a frenzy with dozens of theories about the image that shows a mobile phone.

Paranormal Crucible of YouTube claims the photo shows an artefact that resembles a modern day mobile phone, which was reportedly discovered earlier this year by archaeologists digging in a city in the state of Salzburg, Austria.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the so-called device has a collection of ancient symbols called as Cuneiform, a Sumerian civilisation of Mesopotamia – modern-day Iraq.

But the discovery doesn’t have enough information online, which has led some conspiracy theorists to label it as an elaborate hoax. Searching the internet about the artefact can only result in a limited information.

The only thing an online researcher can manage to find out on the internet is that it is allegedly discovered in modern-day Austria.

Paranormal Crucible claims that artefacts like this were copied from ET technology.

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  1. Some Jackass would have had gone through a lot of time and money to create this “hoax”. Although, most likely somebody did….

    • it is not a hoax just split it open then they will see.
      Steve no way would anyone make this for fun / look at the small details it is real

  2. Oh for heavens sake do your research and be informed! This ‘artifact’ was made by an artist who specialises in making modern things look ancient. This website is getting ridiculous. And losing its integrity. Grrrr!

    • what integrity ?
      You know, good ufo material is rare , not so rare, but not every week.
      (because that does need a date, and place,and background information and decent quality of picture to make an average article.)

      All the websites that want to publish often are either forced to publish (about)old stuff, or fake/misinterpretation.
      That’s all, there is no mystery on that subject, its quality or quantity…never both.
      Sorry for poor English, i try my best.

    Latest UFO Sighting, is becoming a laughing stock among the field of Ufology. Credible sightings are happening all the time and the kind of ridiculous nonsense as a “fossilized cellphone” is running on the level researchers and enthusiasts away from LUFOS…

  4. It looks soft, like a stuffed toy one would give to a child. Come on now, this is really so stupid it doesn’t warrant even this article. My intelligence is insulted.

  5. If this was a genuine artifact, it would have been priceless, in any currency!
    It would have been subjected to a range of stringent scientific analyses to include X – ray etecetera.
    Happily we can spot the chalatans and concentrate on the enormous amount of visual and reliable witness account evidence…

  6. Karen and Karl Weingartner created this phone as a joke and marketing device, to publicise their Art Republic Studio, check out their website.They didn’t expect to be taken so seriously!
    So many gullible people!

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