Man Unwittingly Captures Video Of a UFO Passing Over the Moon


When a man in St Helens, Merseyside aimed his camera at the sky to catch the first moon of the year 2016, he unknowingly filmed an unidentified flying object (UFO) passing over it.

The 43-year-old painter and decorator decided to shoot the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the top of Billinge Hill.

When the fireworks display was over, he pointed his Sony camera to the moon for a few minutes while him and mates, who had joined him on the hill, had a beer drinking.

After a couple of drinks, they headed back to Mike’s house to watch the video of the fireworks. But to their surprise, they spotted a mysterious object passing over the moon at 12.20am.

A non-alien believer Mike said: “I was very surprised as I only meant to shoot the first New Year’s moon. It got my friends and me talking. We kept rewinding it and debating about it.

Mike believes it is a satellite, but some of his friends are not so certain about it.

Mike said: “I don’t think it’s an alien, but it’s still a mystery – a strange thing in my camera. I don’t believe it’s a plane because they usually have flashing lights and leave a vapour. This strange object looks like it’s out of the atmosphere.

Dumbfounded Mike is a self-employed painter and decorator. He has been filming things that look impressive for the last three years. He has also been running the YouTube channel Mike D, which he has been publishing his “interesting videos.”

Mike jokingly titled the video “The Black Knight,” a satellite that is believed to be an alien satellite and has orbited Earth for 13,000 years.

However, The Black Knight is generally considered as a myth.

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  1. If you think this is real but not alien, what do you suppose it is? Space debris? Looking at the size of it I don’t think so, too big. The ISS? Wrong shape. A meteor? Again, wrong shape and no tail. This object has three ‘limbs’ and is solid. There are secret projects flying around no doubt, but can you honestly see anything built by humans, that far out in space and seemingly coming in from the outer reaches? Keep an open mind.

  2. “That far out in space” Michelle? There is no way of knowing how far out the object is. It could be 100s of miles (Therefore enormous) or a few feet from the camera (Therefore tiny)

  3. I’ve looked it over a few times now….and this is NO BUG, I get the impression this thing whatever it is, is definitely flying some distance away, but as to what…I wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Good catch though.

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