MUST SEE! Amazing UFO evidence filmed in Australia!


Check out this amazing UFO footage recorded with a P8079hp night vision device above Melbourne Australia. This happened on 13th January 2016.

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  1. Satellites do not make turns or slow down in orbit.
    What is an HEO/GEO?
    I’ve seen a lot of footage like this, most of the craft, if that’s what they are, move very fast, stop abruptly and move off again in an instant. Perhaps this is a trick of time, who knows, but what I know is that there are far too many such videos being shown without professional expertise being sought. Anything is possible, but by flooding the public eye with too many such videos is likely to bring disdain and cries of ‘hoax’. It is a fascinating subject and one which will be debated formany years to come..unless we see some proof in the near future. Keep an open mind.

  2. If we understand how night vision cameras work, and the light they capture, then you will draw to the conclusion that is is a real UFO. Satellites do not emit light like this.
    Another possibility is that we could be seeing is a massive UFO the size of the Sun that is light years away and it made a turn in the Milky Way Galaxy a few years ago, and the cameras happen to capture the light captured from that UFO years later… but definitely this is a UFO…

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