UFO Spinning Above A Town In Kosovo


A UFO is reportedly spiralling around over a town in Kosovo. A man claims he saw the strange flying thing close to the village of Budakovo in the southern part of the country earlier in January 2016. He initially thought it could be a drone or an aircraft, but changed after he used his camera and zoomed in.

Several images and a video show a small black object flying high in the sky on a clear sunny sky. The man said that he didn’t have any distinguishing features while moving continually on the spot.

The witness sent his images to a local paper along with his UFO sighting report. According to the witness, the flying object eventually disappeared while going up and not down.

The footage has been uploaded to several social media platforms. Some viewers of the video say it looks more like a parachute spiralling down to earth than an alien object. Local officials have remained silent about the incident.

Meanwhile, the object remains a mystery.

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