Bizarre Image Caught: Uncovering the Mystery


Many people think that to see is to believe, and they find it hard to believe in something that they have never seen before. Millions of people have reported UFO sightings for decades now. Despite the numerous sightings, the phenomenon is still unexamined. What’s more, the media have held the claimers to ridicule. Reports go back as early as 1878, and their number increased, as a growing evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrial life. An image took by a space watcher shows a structured spacecraft in Europe, which is believed to be the 6th largest moon. Space watchers thought that the object was an indication of the existence of alien in the other planet.

The captured photo posted by Secure Team reveals the images on a camera embedded in a 7D-300mm telescopic lens on a tripod. The video shows an image by British man Louis Read sent to the UFO watchers. Louis Read was so amazed at his findings that he sent it to request for a second opinion. According to the film, the extraterrestrial vessel comes close to Jupiter’s moon Europa, but has never been seen until today. People increased the exposure after seeing the unique site. They believed that such object could be a giant alien or just a fleet of strange objects. The mere fact that Jupiter is considered to be made up of gas and ice, Secure Team is very much convinced that extraterrestrial beings exist on Jupiter. What’s more is the ‘under water’ term that plays as a host of the different life forms.

NASA is planning to send a probe out there by traveling as far as Jupiter in their quest for information about the happenings in the Solar System. Currently, they are conducting a series of experiments on Mars.

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