UFO Encounters in Wales and Manchester: Truth or Myth


What do you imagine when you hear the word extraterrestrial or UFO? Do you visualize a science fiction novel or an image of bizarre bluish lights illuminating down the road? Have you thought about going home late at night, and you witnessed a flashing light, wondering what it was, only to realize that what you saw was not an alien or extraterrestrial object, but just the lights of a plane. Do you think of little green men, movies, cartoons, or you have just started shaking your head? Despite the arguments regarding UFO’s existence, there are still multiple recorded sightings in the UK. Yes, these sightings are reported by credible witnesses.

According to MUFON, 23 spotted objects were encountered since January 2015 in Manchester, and 25 sightings in Wales. Witnesses described the object as a large craft with a white dot traveling. Throughout the UK, 476 sightings were reported between January 2015 to the middle of February 2016. The objects range from triangular-shaped metallic objects to a red-green ball hovering at greater speed. After M.E.N had published the footage, which shows a strange craft flying, the figures were revealed. Though discussions of these sightings continue, and there has been photo documentation, it is still difficult to know whether or not the unidentified flying objects were indeed from space because such photos are not enough to separate fact from fiction. Extraterrestrial objects have been recorded in America. In fact, 1,177 sightings were reported on the ABC news.

Both the believers and the skeptics obtain evidence to support their claims. Those who believe in UFOs and alien visitations give facts that cannot otherwise be explained. Those who are skeptical offer their explanations and supporting evidence. Which side is right? For now, that is up to you to decide. Sometimes, it is a matter of belief.

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  1. I’ve seen things that leave me wondering, could they be ours and I’ve seen things that undoubtably , are Not from “Around These Part’s.” I can nearly Guarantee, if a person spends only a few minutes a day/night looking up (magnification helps),they Will most certainly see things which will have them wondering? At which time, hopefully they educate themselves to the “usual and customary” things which are in the skies. Then, making sense of it All becomes the challenge!

  2. What I once saw, were four orange orbs, not bluish lights, in diamond formation shooting across the night sky thirty years ago. Ever since then I know UFO phenomenon is real, no matter what ‘skeptics’ may say.

  3. “Sometimes, it is a matter of belief.”

    Many people have given facts without “believing” in anything particular.
    An unusual event happen, it is reported, sometimes with physical evidences,(ground marks,burns,unusual injuries,radar, objects left behind,etc)
    So there’s something unexplained , that’s for sure!

    But when does the belief system kick in ?
    When we try to explain it… but if we consider only the facts, there are tons of unexplained facts, and it has nothing to do with what one believes.

  4. Hi,I too film these alien or interdimensional craft or entities!See my 296 vid’s.,some multiple on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url!I have lot’s more film,some of which I have shared with LUFOS,MUFON,NUFOC etc!Robert Newton.Britain.

  5. B29 Super fortress ! Really. A USAF plane retired in 1960.
    I actually know what this is, its not alien. Home grown and much later than 60s. There are no aliens visiting us

  6. Don’t let anyone tell me I imagined my sightings – regardless what they actually were. It it is the height of arrogance to consider that something is impossible if it doesn’t fall into the category of scientifically feasible.

  7. Hello ,the question to believe or not to believe? The whole UFO mystery is a little like religion , but religion is based on inherent cultural beliefs passed down through the ages ,on a god who is never seen , or heard by most of the believers. I have personally seen ,witnessed objects which do not fit into any current technology /aircraft that we the public currently know of. Given some sightings may well be the latest black project stealth craft
    But realistically , the billions it costs to produce these stealth craft will result in few craft , which spend most of their service on the ground, where do all of these UFO’s seen world wide fit into any governments budgets , and secondly ,they also disregard air traffic laws. As humans , we need to believe in new possibilities , reach another level of understanding personally – I do believe !!

  8. Did the photographer produce a video as well ? If not, did he mention that there was no sound, and if there was not, it is definitely an UFO and if otherwise, it could be the B29 ?!!

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