Most remarkable UFO sightings in February 2016

Most remarkable UFO sightings in February 2016 by

February 2016; multiple orbs in the sky – Kent, UK

1st February 2016; triangle formation – Los Angeles, California

8th February 2016; triangle formation – Dulce, New Mexico

10th February 2016; bright Orbs – Air Force Base in Homestead, Florida

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  1. Reflexos do interior do carro, balões de gás, luzinhas que podem ser qualquer coisa e não dizem nada. Isso não é UFO, é a ignorância querendo aparecer. Por favor pessoal do Latest UFO Sightings, sejam mais seletivos, não ridicularizem o assunto, não façam propagandas negativas sobre algo que talvez vocês mesmos nunca viram e portanto não sabem como comentar. Busquem mais informações antes de publicar qualquer coisa, por favor!

  2. saw an orb type ufo in 2001 just outside whitehorse yukon was working on a cabin at emerald lake 10am july2 it came across a moubtain top down over jobsite just above trees and our trees dont grow tall due to permafrost and cold weather! it was fast fast as what u just read!i yelled at co-workers to look and just as fast as i could scream do u see it do u see it it was gone

  3. Say now you fellas gots to know ol fred and the mrs. is on the road in the 59 caddy chasin them ufo’s. The mrs. in tow bouncin on the rumble seat while playing Tom Jones on the 8 track.

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