Shape-shifting UFO over Calapan City, Philippines


Here’s one interesting footage of an unidentified flying object that was hovering in the daytime sky above Calapan City in Philippines. This was seen and recorded on 15th January 2016.

Witness report: Unknown Object hovering fading in and out, changing shape and disappearing
Video by my girlfriend sometime around the middle of the month of Jan. 2016 and in middle of the day. She took the kids to the beach as she usually does a few times a week when she noticed this object. She brought the cam recorder because she has spotted the object around the same area roughly once a month. She also stated that when it appears its always if front of the sun. I was not present but watching the video it seems to change shape or reflect/absorb light. I also noticed what I think looks like a thin red line maybe a light across the object?

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. OMG, it’s a camera effect from pointing the CCD into the SUN FFS!!!! Go try it yourself with your phone right now, you can perfectly replicate this effect. Are the sheeple masses THIS DUMB?!?!?! I so badly want off the planet of morons.

  2. I think the woman that took this video image did an excellent job recording it.

    She is with her kids on the beach and said it had happened in the past. She went out of her way to capture this event and it was reported to MUFON.

    Nicely done! You did everything right in your attempt to keep the general public informed.

    Who needs disclosure from the Governments of the world when we have responsible citizens doing it for us.

    ps I curious: did MUFON give this “shape shifting object” a case number? If so, what was their explanation of this repeating (seemingly paranormal) occourance?

    Mr Smith, where is your video evidence of a paranormal event?

    A bit jealous are we?

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