Fireball caught on tape over Euless, Texas


Here’s a new video of a bright ball of light in the sky above Euless, Texas. This was taken on 17th February 2016.

What do you think about this footage? Just a meteor or something else?

Witness report: Cool video I captured with my dashcam of a really close meteor. I witnessed a similar incident higher up in the sky 2 days before this… Interesting happening, glad I was driving by at the right moment. This was on 183 Westbound in the Euless area.

Author (LaFamiliaHumana @ Youtube)

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  1. If that was a meteor, I didn’t see a flash indicating it disintegrated in the atmosphere, which probably means it hit the Earth. If anyone finds the spot where it hit, they’ll be a crater, and any pieced of it that can be found would be worth some money. I wish one would impact in my neck of the woods, lol.

  2. lucky you caught this! yes it’s a meteor. this film shouldn’t be on this site. vimanapilot: from the trajectory we see it, and don’t forget the curve of the earth, it probably did burn up but we just couldn’t see it.

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