Amazing – UFO Sighting Video Of A T-Shaped Aircraft


An unnamed man claims to have caught a video of a bizarre T-shaped UFO coming in and out of the cloud cover above Massachusetts.

The UFO enthusiast in Middlesex County sent the footage to Secureteam10, a video channel that features UFO sightings, for further investigations.

According to the members of the team, they haven’t seen the craft in the video before as it appears to have the ability to appear and disappear instantaneously.

The clip’s narrator says that the man who caught the UFO had been emailing him for quite some time about the mysterious craft, but the witness failed to send him any video because it vanished before the witness was able to record it.

When the witness finally able to get footage, the result isn’t a good one because of the object’s ability to disappear quickly.

The witness has been reportedly seeing it for the past two months, but the Air Force bases deny any involvement, according to the video narrator. The narrator goes on to say that the T-shaped craft isn’t an alleged government craft because of its unusual form.

Another thing that makes the teller believe that it isn’t a military craft is that it doesn’t have any lights on it even at night – the witness also claims to have seen it at dusk when there’s barely enough light left in the sky.

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  1. The image is distorted by pixelation throughout which makes it difficult to see a clear image. What I can see which I find very interesting is that it has a shape and proportion very similar to the continent of Africa. The fading in and out is also a concern of mine because even in a fine mist of cloud cover you can usually see the contrast of cover in the fading images. I also have concerns because the craft is so small and faint in the sky and is not really visible to the naked eye, so why was he scanning that particular area of the sky? I’m not saying it isn’t real however anyone who is seeking the truth in a day and age of such childish deceptions as what we have, must scrutinize to weed out the imposters and hoaxes. If this is real I apologize for my scrutinizing, it’s just that I seek the truth not entertainment. Thanks. Gabby

  2. Nope, I do not pussyfoot around the situation. Some assmouth has spent time and effort into trying to dupe the general public and pass it off as real. It’s blatantly fake and I hope they die in a horrible horrible spatula related incident. These people need a strangulation episode of the highest accord……………you just don’t get good old stranglers anymore. They’ll be sat adjusting their glasses and clit flicking, counting the halfwits that think it’s real. These people are opposed to the truth, which makes them liars, which in turn puts them into two categories, deliberate government misinformers or some kid who can’t get laid and gets off on attention. My guess is the latter.

  3. Obvious fake,
    * Blur, zoom-in-zoom-out shaky cam camerawork,
    * ‘too good to be true’
    * Starts filming in absolute nothingness then suddenly craft shows itself twice… and never again… what are the odds
    * no sound
    * Strange jpg artifacts, showing ‘the original footage’ is terribly sharpened already. It’s an unhealthy/unrealistic mix of digital and optical zoom which doesn’t happen with normal camera’s (afaik)
    * some guy is telling ‘his’ story… his anonymous, unknown story.

    Conclusion definitely FAKE. Well done though, but my God please be a bit more critic guys.

  4. If any of you stop to listen, he has been seeing this craft for sometime, so he is always scanning the sky. This shape reminded me of the one that looks just like a hair blower, which I thought was a stupid hoax, but now I am not so sure. This one is very interesting.

  5. With all of these siting why know one have spoken to an alien or caught any or why isn’t they trying to contact us I haven’t heard anything weird no more than people say they have seen a ufo sightings

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