Car Dashcam Shows A Triangle UFO Above West Virginia


A triangular UFO may have appeared to the view of a car enthusiast’s dashcam. A video apparently shows a UFO passing over West Virginia at the start of March.

The mysterious object was caught as the witness, who was running a test of a new vehicle, drove down around 1 in the morning on the state highway.

The video, which has been made available in YouTube, has attracted thousands of views. Talking about the clip, Secureteam said that the UFO passed under the recording and the man’s car while driving on a highway.

Though barely visible in the footage, the UFO has some faint outlines of what look like a red one that is in a triangular formation. Definite circular objects are underneath the UFO.

Some viewers suggest it is a drone and others say it is just a street light. There are viewers also who have doubts about the legitimacy of the video. They say the video had been added to the original footage.

It is not reported as to where in West Virginia the object was caught. The object remains a mystery as no reliable explanation as of yet.

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  1. I believe the video taken in West Virginia is real,on February 27 at 1:40 am I was smoking a cigarette out side, it was very cold, I am a sky watcher, there is a huge light hovering above the North Charleston, South Charleston area , it has many different colors and no sound, it sat in the same spot for about 23 minutes , I tried to video it but my phone does not give the video any justice what so ever. I was shaking so the video is quite shaky. I always thought we were not alone, now I know we are not.

  2. Whenever I see a Secureteam video and hear that oh, insincere voice, I want to run into the garden and look for Leprechauns and fairies, because they are more probable and genuine than their videos.

  3. FAKE lol secure team are well known to do this on their videos…they are not truth seekers .THIS is why there are so many non believers on this topic which makes it harder for the real truth to come out and to be taken seriously by the public ..WE need real videos..NOT CRAP LIKE THIS …

  4. This is real. I have seen similar craft myself in south africa at night close to the highways silent and hovering and then flying off at incredible speed

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