On Video – Unknown Bright Lights Circle The Skies Over Britain


Another dashcam footage made rounds online as it shows not just one, but five mysterious aircraft circling the sky over Edinburgh.

Stunned drivers stare up at strange lights flying along the M8 motorway. These UFOs apparently hovered over Hermiston Gait roundabout. The sighting happened on Wednesday night, and motorist Lee Frame recorded it through his dashcam.

According to the reporting witness, the lights circled the road and disappeared into the night. Lee further revealed that the road during the incident was quite busy, so he thought that lots of other people must have witnessed the mysterious aerial event as well.

While he can’t explain what he had seen, he is sure that it’s not a plane. Lee said the lights seemed to sit in the sky – did not appear to be moving. He just could not believe what he had witnessed that night.

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  1. i didn’t vote because, to tell the truth, there wasn’t enough video for me to really come to any conclusion.

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