Strange lights were filmed over Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 29-Feb-2016


These strange unidentified flying object was caught on tape over Stara Zagora in Bulgaria yesterday.

Witness report: I was walking down Ivan Vazov street, and looked in the direction of the football field, it’s a construction site at the moment for some large store.
I looked at the sky and saw those lights, yellow-orange, pretty big (maybe 5-10 times bigger than the biggest star), slowly appearing and disappearing, as if the object was rotating, or just switching the lights on/off.
I dont know if it was a single object with lights or multiple objects. Overall I observed about 4 cycles of the lights slowly appearing and slowly disappearing. At some point the object started moving slowly. I shot a video with my 5 megapixel phone camera.
Then the light slowly faded and never appeared again. I waited for a couple of minutes and walked away.
I immediately thought it is a UFO, as I’ve seen something similar in the area a few years ago (tho it was a single light of similar size and color), and my father has seen the same.
I felt kind of calm and even disconnected while taking the video, but afterwards I felt pretty excited and a little scared. I was amazed and there were shivers running down my spine and trough my body.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Another waste of time, in this day and age if we cant get a decent photo or video to publish we shouldn’t bother. Putting films of this poor standard on line dose nothing for the debate, or maybe thats the plan.

  2. Saw something very similar that hovered and slowly moved in the 4 corners area of Colorado. Saw it a little past 8PM and watched it with my God daughter until 10pm. Other friends watched it and I was told there was another one that appeared. Several lights large with what seemed to be smaller lights that changed colors and rotated. It would move really slow then stop and hover then it started moving slowly higher in the sky until it wasn’t visible

  3. out of the whole 1 minuet and 7 seconds, 20 seconds if that, of a few lights that could i guess have been flares…either way, not enough of anything to determine either way.

  4. On the evening of the fifteenth of February this year I saw very similar over Tenevo, Bulgaria. There were two craft, each with three pulsating bright, white lights which could vary in intensity. The lights went on and off, sometimes there would be only two lights or rarely one light on the crafts. They appeared to sortie with each other and were generally silent with occasional thunder like sounds.I watched them for about ten to fifteen minutes. If filmed they could have been anything, so impossible to prove.

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