Two Brothers Spot A UFO From Different Areas


While on their way to work, two brothers separately spotted what they thought a UFO over London in the early morning sky. Brothers Simon Ives, 42, and Jonathan, 35 were left stunned when they saw the bizarre object separately.

Both brothers are police officers and were commuting to their jobs in separate ways when the incident took place. It appears that the two noticed the UFO within minutes of each other.

According to Simon, he saw the object while walking to the bus stop on his way to work. He described it as about the size of a football field with three bright orange lights in the sky. It was in the stationary position for approximately six to eight minutes before it moved west over Simon’s head.

For Simon, the view was incredible, but he could explain the strange lights. He saw a man standing near him and called the attention of the man, who shouted: “Oh my God.”

Simon is convinced that the lights weren’t on a plane because it was far too big from tip to tail. He further claimed that he is in astronomy and what he saw was something very strange. Noticing the object at 5:28 am in Collier Rowe, the father of one said it was weird to read a text message a few minutes later from his brother who said he’d spotted the same object.

Also a MET police officer, his brother Jonathan Ives, 35, was driving down the M11 when he spotted the UFO. He pulled over and sent the text message. Simon suggested that the strange object could be a dark military object or something from space.

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    Check out the above link for a better video of the objects. The ones you have watched were edited by the newspapers. Best watched on a large screen.

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