UFO With Camouflage Technology Moving Through Storm Clouds


A man believes that he videotapes a UFO that uses advanced camouflage technology while flying through storm clouds. YouTube user SAUFOTX was sitting in a parked car when he took the video in San Antonio, Texas.

In the video, the object appears to travel through the sky on an overcast morning in February. The witness was observing the clouds after a heavy storm had passed when he noticed a mysterious looking cloud. He decided to take a photo of it using an LG cell phone.

He saw a saucer-shaped UFO that was moving erratically. The witness uses top of the buildings as reference points. When zooming in, he made out a glow and a shadow underneath the aerial thing.
Upon checking the video, he had come to the conclusion that he had seen a massive UFO with a camouflage technology.

However, some viewers of the video don’t agree as they think the object is just a drop of water on a windshield. Similar comments say that the suspicious object was just a drop of rain on the window. Others go on to say that the YouTube user just wants attention so badly that he decides to invent a UFO story.

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaahahah hahahhaaaaaaaaa what a shit… mouahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaa Yhank you !! haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha

  2. that’s because IT IS a water droplet on the windshield!! good god alive man! unbelievable how gullible some people are!!!

  3. Does anyone running this site have any discernment? Oh wait a minute, maybe this site is a kindergarten project.

  4. I’d believe it more if the man got out of his car and video tape it. This could be a back reflection inside his car.

  5. This site should be the one place where the ignorant but vocal idiot faction refrains from ridicule and stifling comment,and extends the benefit of the doubt as to the intent of those reporting something unless there are facts to suggest deceit.

    • and then there are those of us who have the intelligence to see that it’s a water droplet, know it as a fact, and don’t need to be accused of calling someone a liar.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. aj, and many times deceit and gullibility is intended, and they deserve ridicule. Other people may be genuinely mistaken in what they see, but a little forethought and analysis would perhaps prevent them and their videos from bringing down scorn.
    Let the reader make their own judgements and fair comments.

  7. Ufo Saucer Craft using Camouflage Technology ! ok !
    1) if this is Camouflage Technology , that doesn’t work, obviously (sic)
    2) Saucer craft, but the object is perhaps not even a UFO !

    At best there is something out of ordinary, but how that does become a Saucer Craft using Camouflage Technology? nobody knows..

  8. seriously.. videotapes? vhs or beta?

    he should perhaps buy a digital camera.

    this website is a whole new level of stupid.

  9. The object does seem to be questionable, however there is a light to the lower right that perhaps is what was drawing the individual’s attention to the sky that day.

  10. Trolls……………”I’m here”………….”I think it was swamp gas, yea, swamp gas”………..or maybe a “tear drop”…………..maybe it was your asshole pumping gas in the atmosphere…………or maybe your working for disinformation………..anyhow, you are just as stupid as your comments are………..chow

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