Mysterious Formation Orbiting Earth Revisited


UFO observers have recalled the mysterious case of a strange formation of UFOs observed in a NASA picture (ID: STS100-708A-48) from the Space Shuttle Endeavor Mission to the ISS in April 2001 (STS-100).

After the discovery of the fleet of UFOs travelling in a perfectly straight line formation, UFO hunters accused NASA of deleting the image from its website quietly and conspiratorially.

The supposed action resulted in a massive uproar in the UFO community. Many UFO enthusiasts got angry about what was happening, saying that NASA tried to hide the discovery of a fleet of UFOs in orbit around Earth.

When the image later reappeared on NASA’s website at a different location, some UFO hunters declared victory, saying that NASA did not sustain the pressure from the members of the UFO community.

The interest in the old photo got high again recently after several online UFO forums deliberated the importance of the pictures to the UFO disclosure movement.

The Black Vault takes a second close look at the famous image and new observations about it have raised new questions in online UFO forums.

According to The Black Vault, UFO observers were right about the formation of UFOs in the STS-100 image and they were right to call on NASA to offer an explanation of the observed anomaly. It argues the space agency was caught pants down with trying to cover up the discovery.

The Black Vault also draws the attention of the viewers to other anomalies in the picture that were not observed when the formation of UFOs was first found. It noted that the newly discovered anomalies could be satellites, space debris or photographic artifacts.

However, their presence could disprove claims that the fleet of UFOs is a space debris or satellite that only appears to be multiple UFOs because of prolonged exposure. It explains that prolonged exposure to a moving object could result in a long streak of light and not multiple and distinct objects in a straight line.

The Black Vault also ruled out the idea that the UFO formation is a result of multiple photos laid on each other to bring out details because the result would make additional anomalies appear as several objects and not several single objects.

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  1. It looks like a string of objects linked in a line. The sun’s reflection is slightly different on each section, as it should be.
    What is the object higher up to the left of the UFO? Could it be another UFO towing the strung out UFOs? Curious.

    • I was thinking the same thing, it looks like another string further away, lower in altitude. Then between the two strings it looks like a single craft.

  2. It’s a chain of weather balloons, could be military from 100’s of different countries. I could probable make this and launch it form my back garden. It doesn’t ‘prove’ anything.

  3. Someone obviously messed with that photo, in between the first and second one ,just below is a huge pixel,what was under that box??
    There is also another ufo type in on the left of the long object…

  4. Around that same time period I was just coming home from work about eleven pm and saw what I counted as 7 objects moving in a perfect straight line.
    I have told many of what I saw but this is the first time that I have heard of this similar incident.

  5. THE REALITY of what we think we know or been told to believe is completely WRONG…if these entities are not solid objects ..then maybe they are spiritual beings or life forms …maybe fallen angels as mentioned in the scriptures….

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