Cigar-shaped Strange Object Spotted Hovering in International Space Station


Bizarre objects have been a constant part of the UFO phenomenon from the very beginning. Some believe that these sightings date to prehistory. In fact, many sightings have occurred in the 1800s. At that time, most witnesses assumed they were experimental objects of some sort. Then, all the unexplained sightings took place in the 1950s, with and without lights. Two of the most famous involved the U.S. and British Military. Unidentified Flying Object is anything that flies, regardless of the shape and dimension. It does not necessarily relate to the alien, but due to its uniqueness, it cannot also be connected to the man-made phenomenon. This is where the debate comes in.

A cigar-shaped image trailing behind the International Space Station captured the attention of the world’s press as the citizens saw them. A UFO Hunter has enjoyed watching the live footage of the space station on the internet. While watching, he noticed a long cylindrical flying object hovering alongside and beneath the space station. As compared to the ISS, its speed matches. However, it appears semi-transparent. The screen went blue as it comes into focus. The change of color is said to have been the result when NASA catches a strange object hovering over the area. The object reminded him of some extraterritorial object of cylinder shape as seen on worldwide CNN a way back in 2006 nearby the space shuttle.

Speaking, thousands of people around this world claimed to have encountered an alien. Many people find the subject worth time, energy and attention. So, do not be amazed to see that there are many online communities and many sites specialized in this type of information. The only question at this point, when so many people claim to know genuine alien stories is how to make a difference between fake and authentic.

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  1. I CAN REMEMBER MY PARENTS SEEING A CIGAR SHAPED UFO IN 1960_1962 ALONG WITH A FEW FRIENDS. ALSO I SAW THE SAME SHAPE IN 1976_1979.I have seen more UFO between 1965_1976. But my Dad made me promise not to say anything. All though both my parents have pass I am a little scared. Bye for now.

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