MoD Scientist Becomes a Whistleblower After Strange UFO Encounter

A CGI of the alleged UFO

In past times, people were burned at the stake for merely believing in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Today, extraterrestrial intelligence remains a horrible obstacle for war-minded humans. However, would it suffice when a whistleblower comes along? A scientist working with US Department of Defence has turned out to be the latest high-ranking personnel to whistleblow the strange sightings alleged for the past years.

During a hunting trip, the laser and electromagnetic systems expert claim to have spotted an odd but extraordinary phone receiver-shaped strange object over woods in Canada. During a 40-minute interview, the man shared his experiences with the Mutual UFO Network. According to the interview, he was one of the three-man team trips on August 28, 2013. At about 9.40 pm on the same day, they saw a strange spacecraft that looked like a forged mercury 400 feet away. The said craft has more or less 150 to 175 feet in altitude and has brilliant in polish.

The alleged craft has brilliant brightness, and enough to provide light intensity. This man has been working and involved in diverse operating systems, but he has not seen a coherent light that goes similar to his strange sighting. He believed that it was a defocused laser and not a focused laser. It stayed for about six minutes and slowly vanished into thin air. Throughout their encounter, they claimed that no cameras would work, but when the craft was a mile away, all cameras started to work. Most people do not trust in the existence of aliens. They reason out that humans are the only form of life.

It is indeed viable that there are other parts of the universe where life is viable. After all, the earth is like a grain of smooth in a thick sand. They were able to record an electromagnetic signature but is not in connection with an alien craft. He is calling for anyone who has seen a similar craft with knowledge of high-frequency generation systems.

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  1. I cannot find an email addressed to single request to receive the 17 page document of this incident-sighting. Your voice is not clear however I believe you said see single request. No such thing can be found on this page. Please help me with this for I am very interested in fowling up with this.

  2. I with two other people saw a craft in the Fall of 2007 not as close as these guys but pretty close I also got to look at it through field glasses as well. I suspect it to be the same one.

    I have a sketch and description in my journal from back then. The colors of the rotating lights matches perfectly with what I’ve tried to described as being pastel colored over the years.

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