Baltic Sea Floor Item Looks Like An Alien UFO

baltic ufo

A Swedish team of treasure hunters and deep sea explorers, Ocean X, believe they have discovered a Millennium Falcon alien space ship. They found the strange object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in 2011 and claimed that the apparent alien craft caused unusual technology malfunctions whenever their boats were positioned over it.

Now, the team is desperate to find more funding to conduct more explorations in the area. The alleged mysterious cellular and radio wave activity has brought more interest to alien enthusiasts.

Back in 2012, Ocean X diver Stefan Hogerborn said that anything electric, including a satellite phone, stopped working when they were above the object. Everything just got back to normal when they were about 200 metres away. They tried to get back over the object, and it did not work again.

Extra-terrestrial believers have suggested the object, which measures 61-metre wide and 8-metre tall, looks similar to the fictional Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

However, the discovery on the Baltic Sea floor in 2011 could also be a Nazi battleship gun turret or perhaps an anti-submarine device.

Another suggestion from an expert is that the deep sea item is a glacial deposit that Ocean X found in a low-resolution sonar scan.

Dan Fornani, a seabed sonar scanning expert, said that the data lacks in resolution, detail, and quantification.

Moreover, the sonar image has many artefacts that make it challenging to interpret. Fornani explained that any interpretation of the image would not place too much confidence until a better processing is provided and details of the type of sonar and particulars are given.

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  1. What wild speculations you offer here, you unknown website-owner. How can you feel good by presenting a computer generated image here at top of your very consciously dis-information report???
    Even call that image: “fictional Star Wars Millennium Falcon”..!
    Are you OKAY??
    Have you ever read the whole story of that ‘unknown sphere’ or at least ‘unknown material’ there on the ground of the Baltic Sea?
    Why misleading the searching people instead of presenting the real Web-Links of the whole expedition???
    But you prefer to just ‘forget’ the whole story of a man and his crew, who spent lot of time and money for to find out the real meaning of that discovery.
    I have watched ALL of the videos and have read all the published reports regarding this topic.
    I easily could ask you: What have YOU done???
    So, dear people, look out in youtube or in google for to find the real story.
    Shame on you, you cheap ‘uploader’, you even have ‘forgotten’ to mention your ‘disclaimer’, ‘contact’-field inside your website.
    You know that it is your obligation to tell all this here on your so called website.
    SO WHY YOU miss those information???
    WHO you are in real?
    Cheap ‘no-one’ who at least offers here some so called ‘UFO T-shirts’ or any other waste?

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